Best Thriller Series on HBO Max to watch in 2022

Finding a solid television show in the thriller genre can be challenging. Because there are so many, it might be hard to find one with the right mix of genres for you. The list of the top crime, drama, and thriller shows on HBO Max for 2022 has just been revised, and it contains some of the most anticipated new releases, such as Station Eleven. You should have no trouble finding exactly what you’re searching for with the help of the following list, which includes some of the top thriller series and encompasses every genre you could want.

The Bourne Identity

Matt Damon plays an amnesiac assassin in this American-in-chaos thriller, which is different from the James Bond style. Jason Bourne must find out who he is while dodging gunfire and attackers, all while having no idea who he is except for the muscle memory of an action hero. As he travels, he comes to rely on a feisty stranger (Franka Potente), which leads to a passionate romance and, ultimately, one of the sexiest haircuts in cinematic history. 

Barber with a gorgeous body: Matt Damon! Director Doug Liman brings his own kind of action to the table in this tense thriller, with fast-paced fight scenes and hair-raising escape sequences that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The thrilling Bourne film series is based on the novels written by Robert Ludlum. Still, none of them can compare to the excitement of this one.

  • Genre: Action, Mystery, Thriller
  • Director: Doug Liman
  • IMDb Rating: 7.9 / 10
  • Stars: Franka Potente, Matt Damon, Chris Cooper

North by Northwest

This 1959 thriller is one of the most well-known works by Alfred Hitchcock. Cary Grant plays a Madison Avenue advertising executive (yes, he is one of those Mad Men) whose life is turned upside down when he is mistaken for a secret spy. You may recall the scene where Grant, dressed to the nines, is being pursued by a crop duster through a field.

But this scary story of mistaken identity has a lot more to it, including a tense ending at a well-known place. Ernest Lehman was nominated for an Academy Award for his work on the screenplay, and he won the award for its dangerous turns. Grant’s cocky charisma, combined with that of his entrancing co-star Eva Marie Saint, ensured the success of the film. It’s still stunning after all these years.

  • Genre: Action, Mystery, Adventure
  • Director: Alfred Hitchcock
  • IMDb Rating: 8.3 / 10
  • Stars: Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Mason


Ragdoll is a British crime thriller that is based on Daniel Cole’s international best-selling novel of the same name. In the complicated plot, three detectives from the London Metropolitan Police are asked to find the identities of six people who have been killed and sewn together like a puppet.

However, not long after that, the person responsible for the murders of the ragdoll cats teases the authorities by sending them a list of the people who will be his next victims. DS Nathan Rose’s name is included on the list. And because there are so many people who could become victims, our heroes find themselves under tremendous public scrutiny very quickly. Meanwhile, Rose is concerned that the crimes could be connected to a memory from his own past.

  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Director: Freddy Syborn
  • IMDb Rating: 5.8 / 10
  • Stars: Lucy Hale, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Thalissa Teixeira

A Most Violent Year (2014)

A gripping drama about an immigrant family struggling to make it in New York City while the city’s pervasive crime, deterioration, and corruption threaten to destroy everything they’ve worked for in the winter of 1981, one of the city’s deadliest years on record.

In 1980s New York, Abel Morales (Isaac) operates a petroleum distribution company. In addition to the federal government, his rivals are violent and corrupt. Since his wife, Chastain, is the daughter of a crime boss, there is a lot of pressure on him to use illegal means.

How this temptation to corruption manifests itself and whether or not Abel gives in to it is the story of A Most Violent Year.

  • Genre: Crime, Action, Thriller
  • Director: Freddy Syborn
  • IMDb Rating: 7.0 / 10
  • Stars: Lucy Hale, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Thalissa Teixeira

Dark Places

Seven-year-old Libby Day (Charlize Theron) saw the gruesome death of her mother and two sisters in their rural Kansas farmhouse. In court, the devastated youngster named her brother Ben (Tye Sheridan) as the perpetrator, and her evidence helped land the troubled 16-year-old a lifetime sentence in jail. Twenty-five years later, a penniless and desperate Libby has run through donations from a sympathetic audience and earnings from her blockbuster autobiography, without ever moving past the horrors of that night.

Libby is shocked to learn that most true-crime aficionados, led by Lyle Wirth (Nicholas Hoult), believe Ben is innocent and the real perpetrator is at large. To make ends meet, she reexamines her worst times to help reevaluate the crime. Libby’s recollections fade as she and Lyle investigate the deaths, leaving her to wonder what she saw. As long-buried memories return, Libby faces the heartbreaking truths that led to that night.

  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Director: Gilles Paquet-Brenner
  • IMDb Rating: 6.2 / 10
  • Stars: Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Christina Hendricks

The Card Counter (2021)

Written and directed by Paul Schrader, “The Gambler” stars Oscar Isaac as William Tell, a gambler and veteran on a mission to change the ways of a young man bent on avenging himself. Tell merely seeks a game of cards. His simple life on the casino circuit is disturbed when a young guy named Cirk, who is both vulnerable and enraged, approaches him for assistance in carrying out his plan of revenge against a retired military major.

Tell believes that his relationship with Cirk offers him a second opportunity at happiness. When Tell receives funding from the anonymous gambling benefactor La Linda, he drags Cirk along on his casino hopping adventures until the improbable three settles in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker. But it’s impossible to keep Cirk on the straight and narrow, and that pulls Tell back into the shadows of his past.

  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Director: Paul Schrader
  • IMDb Rating: 6.2 / 10
  • Stars: Oscar Isaac, Tiffany Haddish, Tye Sheridan

The Wire

Baltimore is the series’ core setting, and each season has a well-planned story arc. Five seasons center on one police team and one drug ring, allowing for character development.

The first season introduces viewers to the drug trade and the individuals involved, both on the street and in law enforcement, as well as the police’s attempts to build up the wire needed to hunt down the intelligent drug traffickers.

Second, poverty, human trafficking, and graft afflict the harbor’s workers. Because these rackets are vital to their survival, their guards can equal the police. Season has several deaths.

Third, the wire affects police and the public. Both the police and drug dealers are desperate. Some high-ranking police officers created a free-trade zone where drugs could be bought and sold. The zone was profitable, but the local government demolished it.

Drug violence and police corruption are linked in the fourth. All eyes are on the complex teenagers and the institutions that try to accommodate them.

The last season wraps up the Baltimore Sun’s five-year coverage. The newspaper encounters many hurdles, but it exposes the city’s drug trade, weak police force, failing educational system, and severe political corruption.

The same cast appears in all four seasons, allowing us to watch their evolution. Each character’s backstory affects the overarching narrative and other characters’ backstories. Each season completes the picture.

  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Director: David Simon
  • IMDb Rating: 9.3 / 10
  • Stars: Dominic West, Lance Reddick, Sonja Sohn

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