Where to watch ‘Five More Minutes: Moments Like These’ from anywhere

In Scotty McCreery’s second Christmas-themed story, a young widow’s longing for her kid is granted in surprising ways as she returns to their old house for the holidays. Ashley Williams and Lucas Bryant star in this family drama film. On December 17, 2022, as part of the network’s annual Miracles of Christmas programme, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will premiere their original movie, Five More Minutes. Let’s go into how and where you can watch Five More Minutes from any country.

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What is the release date of Five More Minutes: Moments Like These?

On December 17, 2022, Hallmark Channel will air the upcoming original film Five More Minutes: Moments Like These.

Where to watch Five More Minutes: Moments Like These online?

The family drama movie will premiere on the streaming platform Hallmark on December 17, 2022.

What is the plot of Five More Minutes: Moments Like These?

“Five More Minutes” is the title of a song by country music singer Scotty McCreery, and it is the Christmas wish of a young woman who has recently lost her husband. Her wish comes true in the strangest possible way when she spends the holidays in the house where she spent her formative years. A woman’s Christmas wish is granted in ways that she could never have imagined before the discovery of an unrecorded romance written about in the diary that belonged to her grandfather.

Five More Minutes: Moments Like These Official Trailer

What’s the cast of Five More Minutes: Moments Like These?

The cast members include:

  • Ashley Williams
  • Lucas Bryant
  • Brady Droulis
  • Fred Henderson
  • Carey Feehan
  • Darlene Tait
  • Francesca Bianchi
  • Aiyanna Miorin
  • Victoria Souter
  • Matt Montgomery
  • Masa DeLara

What are some early reactions and comments about Five More Minutes: Moments Like These?

Here are the audience’s early comments and reactions about Five More Minutes: Moments Like These.


What is the run time of the fantasy movie Five More Minutes: Moments Like These?

The run time of the movie is 1 hour 30 minutes.

Who are the creators of the film?

Kevin Fair directed the film and written by Andy Sandberg.


While we watch these Christmas movies, our minds experience a sensation of relaxation and a connection to some of our happiest experiences, bringing us closer to those recollections. A new film for the whole family, Five More Minutes promises to be an enjoyable experience for anybody who watches it. Therefore, keep an eye out for the movie and tune in to Hallmark Channel.

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