‘Superman & Lois’ Season 3: It’s About Time Kyle Finds Out About Clark

Superman & Lois is a popular TV show that has gone through many changes since it premiered. In the first two seasons, Clark, Lois, Jordan, and Jon moved to Smallville, and many characters were introduced. As the third season begins, one thing is still the same: Kyle Cushing is the only main character who doesn’t know Clark’s secret. As the story unfolds, fans are eagerly waiting for Kyle to discover the truth about his neighbor’s secret identity. Catch the episodes of Superman & Lois season 3 on The CW Network at 8PM every Tuesday.

Only One Who’s Left Behind

Kyle has had considerable character development in the first two seasons, despite causing the split in his marriage with Lana by being unfaithful. However, he took accountability for his actions and became a more stable character, focused on his daughter Sarah’s well-being. In season three, Kyle has accepted the end of his marriage and is in a good place. The problem arises from the fact that Kyle is the only main character left who doesn’t know Clark’s secret identity. Given Kyle’s past struggles with secrets, this puts his character development at risk. Lana and Sarah knowing Clark’s powers will create a difficult situation as Kyle has to deal with everyone lying to him again. This imbalance will hurt his character development even further, and it’s crucial for the creators to address this issue and provide Kyle with the necessary attention and growth he deserves.

Secret Might Affect a Fresh Romance

The latest season has brought about an unexpected romantic angle between Kyle and Chrissy, providing Kyle with a second opportunity at finding true love. Interestingly, the presence of the show’s main secret seems to have a more significant impact on Chrissy’s life than even Sarah’s. With Chrissy now working alongside both Lois and Clark, the superhero lifestyle has become an everyday affair for her. However, her feelings for Clark and Lois make it challenging to deal with the inevitable press attention that comes with Superman’s escapades. While Chrissy is delighted to have a chance to be genuine in her friendship with Lois, there is a sense that it might not be all smooth sailing for her down the line. Ultimately, the Smallville Gazette holds significant importance in Chrissy’s life, which means she has a lot more at stake than just her personal relationships.

Possible Reason Of Divorce Too

Given that Kyle’s marriage fell apart due to a secret, it would be counterproductive to introduce a new relationship with a major secret being kept from him, as it goes against the character’s growth in the first two seasons. To do justice to Kyle’s character, the writers must promote honesty and openness in his development. Although it is possible that his relationship with Chrissy could be doomed if he discovers her secret and the lies associated with it, it would be disheartening, especially as this may be the last season of Superman & Lois. This new relationship must have significant meaning and lead to essential developments for both characters.

Kyle Can Be Trusted

To avoid unnecessary drama and trouble, the best approach would be to involve Kyle in the secret from the start. It’s important to let him in on the information so that he can play a crucial role in the show. If Kyle remains the only member of the main cast who’s unaware of the secret, it could create problems and leave him feeling isolated and unimportant. Including Kyle in the secret would be a great opportunity to make his character more relevant to the story and his relationships more fulfilling. Valdez is a talented actor, and there’s potential for interesting developments in Kyle’s relationships now that he’s become a more likeable and less angry character. Allowing Kyle’s relationships to be free from secrets and lies would make them more genuine and compelling.


In conclusion, the third season of Superman & Lois is just as exciting as the previous two. With many changes already in place, the show creators have set up a new arc for Kyle that will likely lead to him discovering Clark’s secret. Fans are excited to see how this revelation will affect Kyle and his relationship with Clark and the other characters. The show has been doing an excellent job of balancing action, drama, and character development, and this new development is sure to add an extra layer of excitement to the already popular series.

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