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A brand-new Christmas film arrives on BET+ as we approach the happiest season of the year! The new movie Blackjack Christmas, which will be available on BET+ on December 15, 2022 is directed by Victoria Rowell and written by Mezan Ayoka. It portrays the story of two sisters estranged from one another. 

What is the release date of Blackjack Christmas?

Get the popcorn ready and mark December 15 on your calendars because Blackjack  Christmas will be on BET+ that day.

Where to watch Blackjack Christmas online?

Blackjack Christmas will be available on BET+ for streaming.

What is Blackjack Christmas about?

A narrative of two sisters, one immigrated to the US and established a comfortable life there while the other remained in their home in Jamaica. The sisters reconnect with one another and repair their relationship as addiction threatens to split the family apart.

Blackjack Christmas official trailer

What’s the cast of Blackjack Christmas?

The cast of Blackjack Christmas includes Dawnn Lewis, Charmin Lee, and Adam Lazarre-White.

Days Ferry Productions is the film’s producer, and Victoria Rowell is the director. Mezan Ayoka and Victoria Rowell wrote the screenplay for Blackjack Christmas.

What is Blackjack Christmas’s IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes rating?

The movie hasn’t yet been released, so Blackjack Christmas hasn’t received any ratings. 

What are some early reactions and comments about Blackjack Christmas?

What else can I watch on BET+?

  • The Christmas Clapback 
  • Christmas Party Crashers 
  • The First Noelle
  • A Wesley Christmas 
  • First Wives Club Season 3

Where else can I watch Blackjack Christmas?

Blackjack Christmas will be accessible only on BET+.

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