How To Watch ‘Extrapolations’ Online 

Welcome to the world of Extrapolations, the new groundbreaking series that explores the critical issue of climate change through the eyes of some of the most talented actors, writers, and directors in the industry. With an all-star cast including the likes of Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jennifer Lawrence, Extrapolations promises to be a thought-provoking series. You can watch Extrapolations on March 17, 2023, on Apple TV+

But what if you’re not in the United States? Don’t worry – with a VPN, you can easily access Extrapolations from anywhere in the world. In this article, we’ll show you how to watch Extrapolations online.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Extrapolations online

Follow these simple steps to watch Extrapolations

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR NordVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install ExpressVPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Apple TV+

  5. Enjoy watching your favorite content on Apple TV+

What is the release date of Extrapolations?

Mark your calendars and set your alarms, because the Extrapolations release date is announced. On March 17, 2023, Extrapolations, the highly anticipated series that explores the harrowing realities of climate change, will be released. 

Where to watch Extrapolations online?

Are you ready to dive into the world of Extrapolations and join the fight against climate change? Then grab your popcorn and get ready to stream this groundbreaking series on Apple TV+. And don’t worry if you’re not in the US – with the help of a VPN, you can access Apple TV+ from anywhere in the world and experience the full range of shows available on this innovative streaming platform.

What is Extrapolations about?

Watch Extrapolations

Extrapolation is a daring voyage into a world transformed by the tides of climate change. Set in a near-future world where rising sea levels and extreme weather patterns have reshaped the planet, this anthology series charts the lives of an eclectic group of characters struggling to survive in a world that is rapidly unraveling.

Extrapolations season 1 takes us on a journey through the global consequences of climate change. With a range of diverse characters, the series portrays their struggles, triumphs, and failures in the face of an uncertain future.

What is the plot of Extrapolations?

Scott Z. Burns’ Extrapolations is a gripping drama that paints a picture of a near future where the repercussions of climate change have seeped into every facet of our daily lives. The series comprises eight interconnected stories set across the world, delving into the transformative power of love, work, faith, and family in a world where the planet is changing at an alarming rate.

Through each story, the audience will witness the intimate, life-altering choices made by individuals who find themselves grappling with the devastating effects of climate change. While the characters come from diverse backgrounds and face unique challenges, they all share a common fight for our future.

The series poses a thought-provoking question – are we brave enough to become the solution to our own undoing before it’s too late? Extrapolations season 1 offers a visceral and urgent portrayal of a world where the consequences of climate change have become all too real. 

Extrapolations official trailer

With its multi-layered storytelling, bold vision for the future, and unwavering commitment to exploring the complexities of the climate crisis, this series is a must-watch for anyone who cares about the fate of our planet and the survival of humanity. Here’s a glimpse of Extrapolations season 1.

What’s the cast of Extrapolations?

Watch Extrapolations

The upcoming series boasts an all-star cast who will be taking on individual episodes throughout the season. Some of Extrapolations cast members are:

  • Yara Shahidi as Carmen Jalilo
  • Kit Harington as Nicholas Bilton
  • Daveed Diggs as Marshall Zucker
  • Matthew Rhys as Junior
  • Heather Graham as Hannah
  • Sienna Miller as Rebecca Shearer
  • Tahar Rahim as Omar Haddad
  • Meryl Streep as Eve Shearer
  • David Schwimmer as Harris Goldblatt
  • Neska Rose as Alana Goldblatt
  • Judd Hirsch as David Goldblatt
  • Cherry Jones as President Elizabeth Burdick
  • Edward Norton as Jonathan Chopin

What are the reviews of Extrapolations?

Extrapolations is uneven in how grounded it feels, but between its absolutely star-studded cast and the painful questions it forces us to consider, I believe it’s a well worth-watching show.

But Why Tho

It is an ambitious science fiction story, but it makes room for the more intimate moments of humanity.



What is Extrapolations’ rating?

Extrapolations IMDBN/A
Extrapolations Rotten Tomato3/5

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Episodes of Extrapolations 

The series will have 8 episodes. 

Season 1, Extrapolations Episode 1 – 2037: A Raven Story (Mar 17, 2023)

Rebecca, Marshall, and Junior experience their strategies failing as countries engage in a struggle for the future of the planet.

Season 1, Extrapolations Episode 2 – 2046: Whale Fall (Mar 17, 2023)

The marine biologist Rebecca is determined to establish a bond with a humpback whale before it’s too late.

Season 1, Extrapolations Episode 3 – 2047: The Fifth Question (Mar 17, 2023)

Rabbi Zucker in Miami receives an interesting proposal from the father of a young woman preparing for her bat mitzvah amidst the rising waters.

Season 1, Extrapolations Episode 4 – 2059: Face of God (Mar 24, 2023)

Jonathan is doubtful about the true nature of his former spouse’s newest creation – a solar-powered, unmanned aircraft.

More Episodes


Where else can you watch  Extrapolations?

Watch Extrapolations in CanadaFor now, the show is only releasing on Apple TV+, so you’ll need a VPN to watch it from Canada. 
Watch Extrapolations in the UKFor now, the show is only releasing on Apple TV+, so you’ll need a VPN to watch it from the UK. 
Watch Extrapolations in AustraliaFor now, the show is only releasing on Apple TV+, so you’ll need a VPN to watch it from Australia. 

Apple TV+ collection of shows/movies to watch

  • Servant
  • Little America
  • Mythic Quest
  • Slow Horses


Is Extrapolations a movie or series?

It is not a movie, but rather a collection of episodes exploring different aspects of climate change.

Who is the creator of Extrapolations?

Scott Z is the writer, director, and executive producer of the series. 

In which countries Apple TV+ is available?

It is available in the US, Africa, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Russia, and Central Asia.

Can I watch Extrapolations on Apple TV+ from Australia?

You’ll need a VPN to watch the show on Apple TV+ from Australia. 

Who appears in the Extrapolations Episode 2 and Extrapolations Episode 3?

Rebecca a marine biologist appears in episode 2 and Rabbi Zucker appears in episode 3.


In conclusion, if you’re passionate about climate change and looking for an engaging and star-studded series to watch, Extrapolations is an absolute must-see. With its talented cast and groundbreaking approach to the issue, this series is sure to leave a lasting impact on anyone who watches it. And don’t worry if you’re not in the US – with the help of a VPN, you can easily access Apple TV+ from anywhere in the world and join the conversation about this critical topic. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your remote and start streaming Extrapolations – you won’t be disappointed.

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