What to expect in Carnival Row season 2: Season 1 ending explained

Carnival Row, One of the most hit shows on Amazon Prime has announced its second season after having a great audience response to the first season. Carnival row is about how mythological beings struggle to survive with humans and how they save themselves from the murder mystery related to them.
Though Carnival Row season 1 has a great ending, there are questions in every mind like how Philo got connected to the whole situation. Who was the creator of Dark Asher? And With what purpose monstrous creation came to the human world?
Hopefully, season 2 will amaze us just like season 1. But before season 2 we would like to explain the answers to all your questions so, there will be no confusion left and you can enjoy season 2 even more.

Philo’s Mystery

In the story Philo, Rycrofy Ohilostate was revealed as the main character of the story. Due to the invasion of the murderers, Burgue city was struggling. No one was able to point out the main reason, and the mystery was getting more tangled. Philo was the main suspect in the murder mystery and he tried to go to any extent to prove his innocence. But the question remains, why he was framed? What he has to do with the murders? The end solved every mystery.

Absalom Breakspear, vice chancellor of Burgue and Philo gets imprisoned.
It was shocking to see that Abselom is Philo’s father and the very first victim of dark Asher was his mother. The meeting of father and son was extremely emotional as they got to see each other. But more than that it was a time when things finally started untangling. Piety Breakspear, wife of Abselom created Dark Asher in the thirst for powers. Before getting married, she was told that the Vice Chancellor of Burgue will be a powerful man but his son will be exceptional. However, she thought the powers will belong to Jonah, the other son of Abselom but she was proved wrong as it was all about Philo. Piety’s kindness towards one kid remains a question.
She decides to marry Absalom so she can have a bright future. As soon as she came to know about his first son, she got mad and created Dark Asher in hope that they will hunt him and all the powers will be shifted to her son. Absalom tries to make her understand that all her wrongdoings are of no use as Philo is innocent and will cause no trouble. But, she was not ready to hear anything.

Division of Carnival Row

The deadly war destroyed Fae’s home and cause trouble for the Row. Burgue building, a prison for everyone has to stay there in order to stay alive. Both humans and Fae were sharing the city which was causing a lot of trouble as both parties were intolerant towards each other. Fae extremist tries to punish Absalom and in retaliation Philo imprisoned all of them and started a new era.
Heartbroken and confused Philo took this decision in order to save the city. The next difficult decision was to be on one side either of Fae or humans. Philo decided to stay on the far side so he can follow his roots and stay by Vignette in Carnival Row. After a long battle, both lovers managed to stay together.
The next important thing was the escape of the lovers, Imogen and Agreus who turn lovers into neighbors. In the end, Imogen confesses his feelings to Agreus. He tries to stop her but failed because he had the same feelings toward her. They both escape from the cruel world only for the sake of freedom and the celebration of their love. No one knows where they went but lastly seen on the shore.

Real Culprit of Carnival Row:

Sophie Longerbane, daughter of opposition party leader Ritter sent the letter which lightens up the anger of Piety. She did this with an intention of creating chaos in their lives and encouraged Pitty to take the action of creating monsters. Things took a turn when Jonah left Sophie due to her heinous intentions and this turn changed the whole dynamics of Carnival Row season 1.

Expectations from Carnival Season 2

After Carnival Row season 1, expectations of the audience are quite high and according to the teaser, we are likely to see the following things that will make season 2 bigger and better. Due to the involvement of two downtrodden nations, the conflict will intensify. The Black Ravens will probably try to inflame the situation against the rulers in the forthcoming season. Imogen and Agreus will establish their lives in a new environment that is quite different from Burgue. The second season will also shed light on the dark side of descendants, show Jonah’s rebellious side, and solve a number of other riddles.


Hopefully, you have gone through the whole article as this article answers all the mysteries of Carnival season 1. And also highlights the plot we will potentially watch in season 2. Don’t forget to watch season 2 on Amazon Prime on February 17, 2023.

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