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How to watch ‘Bloodlands: Season 2’ from Anywhere

After the immense love from fans and the massive success of Bloodlands 2, Acron TV had released its final episode on their platform The Final episode was the most awaited one and the audience was most curious about knowing the end. Therefore, Acron TV original had released its final episode on February 20, 2023, only for the Acron TV audience.

Acron TV original is a subscription-based video streaming platform that provides amazing series and movies with varieties of themes and genres in all parts of the world. To add some thrill to your day, watch Bloodlands season 2 on Acron TV.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Bloodlands: Season 2 from anywhere

Follow these simple steps to watch Bloodlands: Season 2 from Anywhere

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR NordVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install ExpressVPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to

  5. Enjoy watching your favorite content on your streaming platform

What is the release date of Bloodlands: Season 2 Finale Episode?

Gripping thriller, Bloodlands Season 2 final episode was released on February 20, 2023.

Where to Watch Bloodlands: Season 2 Finale episode?

After smashing box office records, bloodland’s final episode blessed our screens via Acorn TV. Due to geo-restrictions people living outside the US will face trouble in watching the show. But, no worries, VPN got you! Follow the guide and tune in to the world of gut-wrenching crime.

What is Bloodlands: Season 2 finale Episode about?

Watch Bloodland season 2

Get excited and hold yourself tight as gripping thriller Bloodland season 2 final episode is available on Acorn TV. The mystery, twists and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat.

With the exciting season, Bloodlands has pushed the boundaries of entertainment and set the bar high. This season the crime and drama has reached to a whole new level, search of prime suspect will keep the police on their feet and mystery will get more tangled.

What is the plot of Bloodlands Season 2 Finale Episode?

In each episode, new twists will divert the focus of police and will tangle the case even more. Tom Bannick, a sharp, intuitive police man, will turn every stone and will give a hard time to the cops. Furthermore, the mysterious past of Tom will bring turmoil into the lives of Olivia and Niamh.

Tom is threatened by police investigating a murder and in order to come out of his shell, he first must hide the murder weapon and all the gold. Moreover, He is the prime suspect and if he wants to prove all of them wrong and save himself from all the punishments, he has to act smart. Is he a killer, or something unexpected will be revealed? We’ll find out!

Bloodlands Season 2 Official Trailer

Spine tingling thrill and story that will give you chills is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. Have a look at the trailer and witness the dramatic saga.

What is the cast of Bloodlands season 2?

Bloodland season 2

James Nesbitt will play Tom Bannick a police officer who solves mysterious murder cases.

Victoria Smurfit will play Olivia Foyle an accountant widow who will help Tom in finding the gold.

  • Lorcan Cranitch will play Jackie Twomey
  • Charlene McKenna will play Niamh McGovern
  • Lola Petticrew will play Izzy Brannick
  • Chris Walley will play Bird DC
  • Amy Molloy will play Louise Hanlon
  • Don Wycherley will play Boyd
  • Vanessa Emme will play Leah Hardy

What are the reviews of Bloodland?

”The show’s location, Northern Ireland, promised to offer not just chilly landscapes but a deeper dramatic purpose, steeped in the region’s recent history.”


IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes Rating of Bloodland

Bloodlands IMDb Rating6.6/10
Bloodlands Rotten Tomatoes Rating83%

What are some early comments and reviews about Bloodland?

Episodes of Bloodland season 2

Episode 1

DCI Tom and DS Niamh were called at Stanford in a murder case. Tom recognized that the victim was an accountant from his harsh past. The investigation involving Olivia, the widow of an accountant, reminds tom of his past that he wants to escape from.

Episode 2

Tom and Niamh reached an abandoned house in search of Robert. Tom thinks of betraying his colleagues by getting more information, but his action strengthens his and Olivia’s relationship. And this distance made them realize their importance to each other.

Episode 3

Olivia provides some significant information about gold. Tom and Olivia race down the police officer to find the gold before them.

Episode 4

Tom and Olivia get close to the gold. However, a gangster named Ryan reached the gold first and wanted to take all his belongings back, but Olivia and Tom also reach there. On the other hand, Niamh and Birdy start getting traces of truth.

Episode 5

While recovering gold Olivia commits a heinous crime and Tom tries to cover her up but Tom gets knocked out by Izzy’s revelation.

Where else can you watch Bloodlands season 2?

Watch Bloodlands season 2 in CanadaAcorn TV, Apple TV
Watch Bloodlands season 2 in UKBBC iPlayer, Apple TV
Watch Bloodlands season 2 in AustraliaBrit box, Apple TV

What else I can watch On Acron TV original?

Acron TV original is well known for its services and type of shows that signify what real good quality looks like. I have shortlisted some of the famous shows you can find on Acron TV.

  • The Larkins
  • Holding
  • Acceptable Risk
  • Agatha Raisin
  • Mystery Road
  • The other one
  • Dead still
  • Close to the enemy


How many seasons of Bloodlands are there?

Bloodlands, a detective drama, currently has 2 seasons.

Where can I watch Bloodlands season 2?

Bloodlands season 2 is available on Acron TV original.

Who is the real villain of Bloodlands?

Tom Brannick was revealed as the murderer of Goliath.

How many more seasons of Bloodland will be released?

Bloodland has 2 seasons currently. However, the creator has revealed his plans of releasing 5 to 6 seasons of the series.


After the massive success of Bloodlands season 2, Acron TV has released the final episode on their platform so, the fans of Bloodlands can enjoy the final episode without any hassle. Lastly, Tom will be revealed as a murderer and his evil past will be revealed too. If you haven’t watched the show, tune in to Acorn TV and watch the both seasons, so you can enjoy the last episode even more. Grab some snacks and start streaming.

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