‘Good Trouble Season 4’ Finale recap

After gaining immense love and praise from the audience Braidley Bredeweg, Joanna Johnson, and Peter Paige are back with ABC‘s most adored TV show Good Trouble. As we get closer to Good Trouble’s season 5, the level of excitement is elevating. However, before binging on season 5, refresh your memory of season 4. This article will give you a full detailed Good Trouble Season 4 recap. So, without delaying any further, have a look at the recap.

The plot of season 4

Based on 13 episodes, this season follows Callie Adam Foster and Mariana Adams Foster as they move to Los Angeles to live as young adults. Callie starts working as a clerk for Judge Wilson. On the other hand, Mariana becomes a software engineer. While living in Coterie, they started connecting with neighbors and other people they met frequently.

Good Trouble Season 4 Recap: Finale

Mariana disguises herself and hides on the farm to catch Jenna and warn her about the cult she is trapped in. However, Mariana considered her visit a short day trip, but somehow it became an overnight stay. Both the girls will leave the farm and will bump into Joaquin. The trio will run to save their lives from the shooting targeted at them. Lastly, we heard the noise of someone hitting the ground. Season 5 will reveal who got shot.

Moments of joy in Isabella’s life as she gave birth to her and Gael’s baby girl. After seeing her daughter, she instantly felt the emotions of a mother and decided to keep the baby. Earlier, the couple mutually decided to give the baby to Jasmine. Gael is furious to know if Isabella is serious or if this is just another impulsive decision.

Finally, the moment of truth came when Davia and Dennis accepted their feelings and admitted they were in love; after Dennis’s revelation about his and Ryan’s fake relationship Davia burst into happy tears.

Expectations from season 5

Season 5 will pick up the show where season 4 left off. Zuri revealed this news in an interview with Hello Magazine.

We will jump directly into where we left off. We’re going to see each person choosing themselves – and taking the risks that come with that, which I think we started to see at the end of last season.


Indeed, the actors playing Callie and Maia left the show in season 4. However, Freeform has announced its return. The show will unveil many mysteries, such as who got shot in a trio or dodged the bullet. Also, will the couple keep their baby, or will Jasmine get a chance to be a mother? To know the answers to all your questions, do not forget to watch season 5 of Good Trouble.


You should be ready to watch season 5 now that the Good Trouble Season 4 recap has returned some memories. I suggest you rewatch earlier seasons on Hulu until season 5 is released. Keep checking for additional information, and don’t miss Good Trouble season 5 on March 16, 2023.

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