Everything new coming to 9Now in March 2023

Just like every month, this month too the popular streaming service will bring the best shows on 9now for its viewers. With shows like Married at First Sight: Australia, 3rd Rock From the Sun, and Death in Paradise, you can now stream the most popular movies and shows on 9now. 

The increasing number of viewers on 9now indicates that people eagerly wait for shows and movies to binge on 9now. So, read on and explore 9now new releases for March 2023.

Married at First Sight Australia

DirectorRyan Potter
Release DateMay 18, 2015
StarsJohn Aiken, Georgie Gardner, Mel Schilling
IMDb Rating5.3/10

Married at First Sight Australia is a reality Tv series that features three professionals, a clinical physiologist, a neuro psychotherapist, and a psychologist. They are met with the task of finding “the perfect love” for their chosen participants. The show revolves around eight participants who are turned into four couples who go through different relationship challenges. 

3rd Rock From the Sun

DirectorTerry Hughes
Release DateJanuary 9, 1996
StarsJohn Lithgow, Jane Curtin, Kristen Johnston
GenreSitcom, Sci-Fi
IMDb Rating7.8/10

The 90s classic sitcom is now newly released on 9now. 3rd Rock From the Sun is a marvelous thoughtful sitcom that fills the belly with laughter. Aliens who are sent as a family on Earth observe life here and report it back. 

Death in Paradise

DirectorRichard Signy
Release DateOctober 25, 2011
StarsElizabeth Bourgine, Don Warrington
GenreCrime, Mystery, Detective drama
IMDb Rating7.8/10

A Caribbean Island of Saint Marie welcomes a Scotland Yard DI Richard Poole to investigate the murder of a policeman. The detective drama captures Poole’s brilliance at solving crimes and his struggle to adapt to the Caribbean lifestyle.  

That 70’s Show

DirectorDavid Trainer
Release DateAugust 23, 1998
StarsTopher Grace, Laura Prepon, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher
GenreSitcom, Teen-comedy, Romance
IMDb Rating8.1/10

Set in the 1970s, Wisconsin, that 70s show brilliantly captures the soul of the ’70s. With metal knocking as a new rebellious and revolutionary music genre, the character of the show, mostly in their teens, also expresses their rebelliousness, which often leads to hilarious situations. 

New Amsterdam

DirectorMichael Slovis
Release DateSeptember 25, 2018
StarsRyan Eggold, Janet Montgomery, Jocko Sims
IMDb Rating8/10

A neglected old public hospital’s fate changed when Dr Max Goodwin becomes its new medical director. Charming and visionary, Dr Max Goodwin takes it upon himself to breathe new life into the hospital. 

The First 48

DirectorPeter Tarshis
Release DateJune 3, 2004
StarsDion Graham, Nathan Schilling, Jason white
GenreCrime, Reality-TV
IMDb Rating8.2/10

The first 48 is a reality TV show that revolves around and films the detectives as they respond to homicide. Whenever a person is stabbed or shot or killed in some wicked way, these detectives arrive on the scene and investigate.  

The Block

DirectorRichard Franc
Release DateMay 25, 2003
StarsScott Cam, Keith Schleiger, Shelley Craft
IMDb Rating6.3/10

The Block is a reality TV show that follows competing couples who have to renovate and sell their house. The couple which succeeds to sell at the highest price with the highest profit wins. 

Sweet Home Sextuplets

DirectorNicole Alexander
Release DateSeptember 18, 2018
StarsBlu Waldrop, Tag Waldrop
IMDb Rating7.5/10

Courtney’s and Eric’s life took an interesting turn when they got to know they were pregnant with sextuplets. Sweet Home sextuplets focus on the life of a family living on a sheep farm as they go by their daily lives with their sextuplets. 

Under the Dome

DirectorJack Bender
Release DateJune 24, 2013
StarsMike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Alexander Koch
GenreSci-Fi, Drama, Thriller
IMDb Rating6.5/10

A mysterious and bizarre event happens in the life of the people residing in a small town when a transparent dome entraps them inside and cuts them off from the rest of the world. 

Under the dome is a sci-fi thriller that is an interesting and entertaining watch for post-apocalyptic show lovers. 

One Deadly Mistake

DirectorChristopher James Lang
Release DateJanuary 16, 2021
StarsJohn Sanders, Janae Palmer, Ivan Carlo
GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery
IMDb Rating6.4/10

One Deadly mistake is a show about police investigating a homicide. Even after their tireless and restless work, they struggle to connect the dots to the killer until they found a piece of evidence that reveals the killer’s identity. 

Skinwalker Ranch

DirectorDevin McGinn
Release DateOctober 30, 2013
StarsBritani Bateman, Taylor Bateman, Steve Berg
GenreHorror, Thriller, Sci-Fi
IMDb Rating5.1/10

Skinwalker Ranch is a horror mystery that shows a scientific research team investigating the mysterious disappearance of a 10-year-old boy. The team comes in contact with supernatural phenomena and documents all the proceedings. The element which adds more eeriness and enough to give viewers goosebumps is that it is inspired by true events. 

Gold Rush

DirectorTom Whitworth 
Release DateDecember 3, 2010
StarsPaul Christie, Parker Schnabel, Toney Beets
IMDb Rating7.2/10

Gold Rush is a reality TV show that follows ambitious miners as they dig into the earth in pursuit of gold. Viewers witness new miners, exciting claims, and advanced machines all working towards the same goal: finding gold.

Wrap Up! 

At the end of a hectic day, when you come home and sit back and relax, there’s nothing more uplifting than a good watch. May it be a thriller, crime, or reality show. You can find the best movies on 9now in any genre. So no more lonely nights now binge your favorite show on 9now and blow your steam off. 

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