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There are highs and lows in any relationship. But in Peacock’s forthcoming reality series Love For The Ages, three married couples will put their marriages to the test. Watch Love For The Ages, which premieres on December 15, 2022 aims to help three married couples revive their smoldering romance through a novel experiment: allowing both partners to date someone else for a month. What’s the catch? They date far younger individuals. 

What is the release date of Love for the Ages?

Three married couples can reignite the flames that have gone out in their marriages with the help of Love For The Ages, which premieres on December 15. 

Where to watch Love for the Ages online?

 The show premieres exclusively on Peacock.

What is the plot of Love for the Ages?

The surprising gift of a lifetime is given to three middle-aged LA-tino couples in the iconic City of Angels, each at a turning point in their relationships. What would they do if given a chance to start again in life with a spouse who is much younger for a whole month? The findings of a dramatic sociological and psychological experiment, inspired by the current increase in “age-gap” relationships, will be revealed to the audience. Participants will learn whether the original couples decide to remain together (for better or worse) or take the chance of starting over with someone new.

Love for the Ages official trailer

Some of the startling and expected drama that arises as a result of the experiment is shown in the official series trailer. 

Who is going to host the series?

Adrienne Bailon will soon have new hosting duties. The actress, singer, and TV personality will serve as the lead in Houghton’s Love for the Ages.

What is Love for the Ages’ IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes rating?

Due to the show’s upcoming release, the ratings for Love for the Ages are unavailable. 

What are some early reactions and comments about Love for the Ages?

Episodes of Love for the Ages

Love For The Ages’ first four episodes will air on December 15; the remaining four will follow on December 22.

What else can I watch on Peacock?

  • The Capture 
  • The Calling
  • Irreverent 
  • A Friend of the Family 
  • The Croods: Family Tree 

Where else can I watch Love for the Ages?

Love for the Ages may only be watched on Peacock. 

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