Best St Patrick’s Day Movies On Peacock To Watch Today

After the day’s rituals and traditions, St. Patrick’s Day calls for a get-together with close ones. If you’re curious to know which are the Best St Patrick’s Day Movies On Peacock To Watch Today then this article is a perfect guide for you.

Here are some of the Best St Patrick’s Day Movies On Peacock To Watch Today that you can enjoy with family and friends. 

The Irish Pub 

When approaching this topic, many filmmakers would probably concentrate on the background of these businesses and how they fit into contemporary society, but Fegan isn’t interested in merely lecturing his audience. Instead, he takes a backseat and lets his main characters—the landlords, bartenders, and customers—take the spotlight and share their, frequently funny, tales.

Fegan’s movie has a somewhat anarchic vibe to it, which reflects the logistical difficulty of shooting in these places. Fegan shows his film in a raw, unrefined manner rather than cleanly cutting down the numerous anecdotes. Landlords frequently have their stories cut short by impatient drinkers asking for another pint, bystanders wanting to discuss “the match” outcomes, and even by naughty children. The Irish Pub contains the answers, as well as a ton of amusement, if you’ve ever pondered where the expression “going for a jar” originated or what the original function of a walled snug was.

IMDb: 7.3/10

Genre: History, Music, Documentary

Director: Alex Fegan

Writer: Alex Fegan

Cast: Liam Aherne, Willie Aherne, Bobby Blackwell

Release date: October 4, 2013

Famous dialogue: NA

Shooting Place: NA

What Richard Did 

The mundaneness of what occurs in “What Richard Did” as opposed to the tragedy is startling. Richard (Jack Reynor) is a tall, athletic young man who plays rugby and is a big brother to the neighborhood kids. Richard enjoys a high level of social standing in their humble Irish neighborhood because of his good looks, humor, and access to his parents’ beach property. While Richard’s mother is wary of his inebriated misdeeds with his friends and his father is completely aware that every boy requires a small amount of mischief in his life.

IMDb: 6.3/10

Genre: Drama

Director: Lenny Abrahamson

Writers: Malcolm Campbell, Kevin Power

Cast: Jack Reynor, Fionn Walton, Gavin Drea

Release date: October 5, 2012

Famous dialogue: NA

Shooting Place: Dublin and Wicklow


“Wolfwalkers,” which is set in the year 1650, is based in a walled Irish city in the middle of a wilderness that is ruled by harsh English.

English lass Robin Goodfellowe (voice of Honor Kneafsey), a newcomer to the area, sneaks into the woods in search of her dad Bill Goodfellowe (Sean Bean), the city’s designated wolf hunter, and finds that the urban legends circulated by the locals are accurate: Wolfwalkers, mysterious beings who transform into wolves while their human bodies are sleeping, exist in the dense forests surrounding the town.

IMDb: 8/10

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family

Directors: Tomm Moore, Ross Stewart

Writers: Will Collins, Tomm Moore, Ross Stewart

Cast: Honor Kneafsey, Eva Whittaker, Sean Bean

Release date:  November 13, 2020

Famous dialogue:I’m not afraid of no wolf.

Shooting Place: NA

The Luck Of The Irish 

Kyle Johnson, the cool kid who plays him in “Final Destination 3” and “Jurassic Games,” helped his team qualify for the state basketball tournament for the first time. Before he begins working on a class project for a Heritage Day assignment, everything is good. He is unaware of his true heritage, and his parents (Marita Geraghty from “Groundhog Day” and Paul Kiernan from “Daddy Day Camp”) are reluctant to elaborate on it.

In order to defeat a smarmy competitor leprechaun named Seamus McTiernen (Timothy Omundson, TV’s “Psyche”), Kyle must reconcile with his grandfather, Reilly O’Reilly (the late Henry Gibson, “The Blues Brothers”)

IMDb: 6.1/10

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Adventure

Director: Paul Hoen

Writers: Andrew Price, Mark Edward Edens

Cast: Ryan Merriman, Henry Gibson, Alexis Lopez

Release date: March 9, 2001 

Famous dialogue: “I must’ve zonked out. I had this really weird dream about this heritage day thingy that going on at school.”

Shooting Place: Juan Diego Catholic High School in Utah

The Grabbers 

This unexpectedly clever and amusing comic creature film concerns an invasion of a small island off the coast of Ireland by a species of tentacled, bloodsucking aliens.

Naturally, as soon as the chief of police goes on vacation, the nasty, slimy killer aliens start wreaking havoc on the peaceful fishing community.The two cops launch an investigation after local residents and wildlife are found dead after having been mauled, and with the aid of Dr. Adam Smith, a marine ecologist (Russell Tovey, “Being Human”), and Paddy Barrett, an eternally pickled local lobsterman (Lalor Roddy, “Hunger”), they eventually identify the alien threat.

They unexpectedly come to the shocking realization that the only way to protect themselves from the deadly creatures is to keep themselves and everybody else in the town as inebriated as possible, which is an outrageous and difficult survival tactic.

IMDb: 6.3/10

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy

Director: Jon Wright

Writer: Kevin Lehane

Cast: Killian Coyle, Stuart Graham, Michael Hough

Release date: December 26, 2012

Famous dialogue: “In all my years I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Shooting Place: Donegal, Ireland

Wrapping Up

St. Patrick day is coming and want to watch the Best St Patrick’s Day Movies On Peacock To Watch Today, just log in to your Peacock account and start streaming.

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