How To Watch ‘Your Home Made Perfect’ Season 4 On BBC iPlayer in New Zealand

Watch Your Home Made Perfect which is returning to screens for series 4 on BBC iPlayer which airs on June 20, 2023. We go further deep into the soul of my house, finding untold stories and hidden treasures while also embracing the transforming potential of this hallowed place. We cordially welcome you to us on our journey as we explore the magic that takes place inside these walls as the seasons shift and create their entrancing tapestry.

Join us as we investigate the sensations that make my house a wonderful refuge in every sense of the term, including the sights, sounds, and feelings. and watch the architects compete with each other.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Your Home Made Perfect Season 4 online

Follow these simple steps to watch Your Home Made Perfect Season 4

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to BBC iPlayer

  5. Watch Your Home Made Perfect on BBC iPlayer

Where To Watch Your Home Made Perfect Season 4 on BBC iPlayer?

The Your Home Made Perfect’ Season 4 is premiering on BBC iPlayer for free by connecting to a UK server. The streaming service BBC iPlayer is a UK-based OTT channel and it is not available outside the UK due to geo-restrictions and privacy issues. To access the BBC 2iPlayer outside the UK you will require a premium VPN service like Express VPN to watch the documentary without any hurdles.

ExpressVPN is the leading VPN service available. With an extensive global network of VPN servers, it offers widespread coverage. Subscribing to ExpressVPN provides users with fast speeds, reliable connections, unrestricted bandwidth, and effective encryption protocols for safeguarding online data.

If you are living outside the UK, BBC iPlayer offers a 7-day free trial to subscribers and after the trial, it charges $4.99/month.

Your Home Made Perfect Season 4 Unveils its Release Date

Watch Your homemade perfect season 4 returns on Tuesday 20th June at 8 pm on BBC Two, and there’s lots to look forward to. ‘The biggest change for us has been the inspiration locations,’ presenter Angela Scanlon tells House Beautiful UK.

Captivating Details about Your home made me perfect season 4

Your Home Made Perfect uses architects’ expertise and virtual reality technology to transform homes into dream homes. Homeowners collaborate with competing architects to create customized designs, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in their new spaces, make informed decisions, and aligning the final design with their vision.

Watch Your Home Made Perfect Season 4 in New Zealand

Your Home Made Perfect Season 4 offers homeowners a transformative experience by incorporating virtual reality technology. The show empowers homeowners to make informed architectural decisions, fostering emotional connection and ownership. Skilled architects translate homeowners’ desires into stunning designs, enhancing functionality, aesthetics, and livability. This collaborative approach creates trust and camaraderie, making the transformational journey more rewarding.

Season 4 of Your Home Made Perfect showcases innovative architectural projects, blending form and function. The show celebrates the harmonious fusion of form and function, featuring open-plan living areas and bespoke storage solutions. Season 4 also highlights sustainable design principles, featuring eco-friendly homes with green technologies, showcasing the positive impact of sustainable living on the environment.

Official Synopsis

The overall synopsis of the series are here

Transforming problematic pads into heavenly homes. Cutting edge technology and innovative architects reveal the design dream ordinary houses could become. With Angela Scanlon.


Some Glimpse of Your Home Made Me Perfect Season 4

Currently, the Season 4 trailer isn’t available so have a look at Season 3 trailer.

Recap of Season 3

Your Home Made Perfect season three – this time, there’s a super-sized panel of six architects competing to win the trust of couples to give their home a radical makeover. Series three sees Angela joined by a panel of six architects. Fans of the show will recognize Laura Jane Clark from the previous series, but the other five are all newcomers chosen from cutting-edge modern interior design.

Cast Members of the series

Angela Scanion (Self-Presenter)
Laura Jane Clark (Self)
Robert Jamison (Self)
Will Foster (Self)

Episode Info of Series 4

Episode 1| Yesim and Hasan | June20, 2023

Two rival architects reveal radical new visions for homes using virtual reality.

What is the IMDb Rating of Your Home Made Me Perfect Season 4


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Fans Reaction

Robert’s designs are far more innovative and imaginative than Laura’s, and yet, again and again, Laura wins and we see a slightly different version of the last home on the previous episode–also designed by Laura. She’s talented and clearly gives people what they want…but the show needs to do a better job of finding people who want something personal and new. That’s what I want and what I want to see. The clients always opt for being boring for re-sale value (even though they claim to never want to move…). The houses all look the same and it gets really boring and frustrating after a while (especially since the host is obviously biased against Robert and let’s the clients know it). I’d love to watch the spin-off: “Your Home Reimagined with Robert.” Please make that show complete with the VR tours!

A user said

Only on episode 1 and they’re showing all these angles and they’re all marked as 45 degrees when they’re obvious 120, 40 and 90… And they’ve removed all walls from the drawing including structural support walls. The couple cries happily cause they can see a nice house and I’m laughing as I imagine how the top floor is slowly going to cave in on the bottom one.
Also all those angles are horrible and I mean horrible for lying floors and finding suitable furniture.

A user said


How many seasons does this series have?

It has four seasons

Who are the starting characters of the show?

Stars Angela Scanlon, Laura Jane Clark, and Robert Jamison.


As the fourth season of our exploration concludes, we are amazed by the wonders of our home, a testament to love, resilience, and the human spirit. The perfect home is not just its physical attributes but the connections within its walls. It is a place where memories are etched, laughter and tears intertwine, and where we find solace and strength in joy and adversity. As we bid farewell, we carry lessons learned and appreciate the sanctuary we call home.


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