Watch ‘The Masked Singer UK Season 5’ In New Zealand On ITVX

Kia ora, New Zealand! The Masked Singer UK Season 5 is now available on ITVx, and it’s a show that’s sure to be full of entertainment. Watch The Masked Singer UK Season 5 in New Zealand on ITVx via a VPN airing on 30th December 2023. We can expect a lineup of disguised celebrities, each delivering show stopping performances while concealing their identity. It’s a guessing game and a musical spectacle rolled into one. Don’t miss out on this unique entertainment experience!

Quick Steps: How To Watch The Masked Singer UK Season 5 In New Zealand

Follow these simple steps to watch The Masked Singer UK Season 5

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to ITVX

  5. Watch The Masked Singer UK Season 5 on ITVX

Where to Watch The Masked Singer UK Season 5 in New Zealand

For fans in New Zealand, The Masked Singer UK Season 5 is accessible on ITVX with the help of a VPN. As ITVX is not available outside the UK, a VPN becomes crucial for New Zealand viewers. It allows them to overcome geographical barriers and stream the show on ITV without any restrictions.

Per MonthNZ$12.40
Per YearNZ$124.23

Why We Need a VPN to Watch The Masked Singer UK Season 5 in New Zealand

New Zealand viewers interested in The Masked Singer UK Season 5 are faced with ITVx’s UK-only access. To circumvent these geo-restrictions, the use of a VPN is crucial. It changes your IP address to a UK-based one, thus enabling New Zealand fans to access ITVx and enjoy The Masked Singer UK Season 5 without any barriers.

Best VPN To Watch The Masked Singer UK Season 5 In New Zealand

For fans in New Zealand eager to watch The Masked Singer UK Season 5 on ITVX, ExpressVPN stands out as the top choice. Its superior streaming performance, strong privacy safeguards, and user-friendly design make it the go-to VPN for New Zealanders seeking a smooth and secure streaming experience.


When it comes to the top VPN for streaming The Masked Singer UK Season 5 in the USA, ExpressVPN takes the lead. Its user-friendly applications, robust privacy features, stellar streaming capabilities, and impressive speed make it a top choice.

Subscription PlanPrice in NZ$
1 Month PlanNZ$18.36
6 Months PlanNZ$100.52
12 Months PlanNZ$167.60

What Else To Watch On ITVX In New Zealand

When Does The Masked Singer UK Season 5 Comes Out In New Zealand

Kia ora, New Zealand! Get ready to dive into the mystery and music of The Masked Singer UK Season 5, premiering on ITVx on December 30, 2023. This show isn’t just about singing; it’s a captivating blend of secrecy and spectacle. Gather your friends and family for this unique entertainment experience that will have you all guessing who’s behind the mask!

The Masked Singer UK Season 5 Premiering Time In New Zealand

New Zealand, get set for The Masked Singer UK Season 5 on ITVx, broadcasting at 12 PM NZDT. Join in the fun of this musical mystery show and guess alongside millions who’s behind the elaborate masks!

Everything You Need To Know About The Masked Singer Uk Season 5

New Zealanders, prepare to be enthralled by “The Masked Singer UK Season 5.” This unique show offers a combination of musical talent and mystery, as celebrities in full costume strive to wow both the audience and judges. It’s an engaging and fun series that adds a twist to the conventional singing competition format, perfect for New Zealand’s diverse audience.

Joel Dommett: The Dynamic Host

Joel Dommett graces the stage once more, radiating charm in his stylish attire and showcasing his sharp humor. His passion and inventiveness play a crucial role in creating the show’s lively and engaging atmosphere, ensuring every episode is distinct and memorable.

The Renowned Judges

This season’s judging panel features well-known personalities, each adding their unique touch and expertise:

  • Rita Ora: Acclaimed for her sharp analytical abilities and dynamic presence, the versatile singer and actress.
  • Jonathan Ross: Esteemed for his experienced insights and wit, enriching the panel’s discussions.
  • Davina McCall: Praised for her keen observational skills and vibrant energy as a host.
  • Mo Gilligan: Known for his original viewpoints and infectious enthusiasm, enhancing the panel’s dynamics.

Their collective talent and charm set the stage for insightful critiques and lively interactions, elevating the excitement of each episode.

The Masked Singer UK: A Carnival of Costumes

The 2024 season of The Masked Singer UK is distinguished by its creatively designed costumes, each character more fascinating than the next:

  • Owl: Symbolizing wisdom and mystery, ready to enchant with insightful shows.
  • Air Fryer: Emblematic of modern quirkiness, infusing the stage with fresh novelty.
  • Bubble Tea: Exuding fun and sweetness, sure to entertain with lively performances.
  • Eiffel Tower: Representing resilience and sophistication, aspiring to reach new heights in every act.
  • Chicken Caesar: Blending historical allure with a culinary flair.
  • Piranha: Aggressive and spirited, eager to make a striking impact.
  • Maypole: Reflecting heritage and happiness, spinning a musical narrative.
  • Cricket: Sporting enthusiasm and vigor, prepared to captivate the audience.
  • Bigfoot: A figure of mystery and legend, stepping forward with a secretive charm.
  • Dippy Egg: A character of whimsy and delight, opening a world of tuneful surprises.
  • Weather: A forecast of mesmerizing shows, each with its own acoustic essence.
  • Rat: Sly and nimble, racing to charm viewers with each performance.

These characters are doorways into an enchanting world where melodies and mysteries merge, creating a visually stunning experience.

Fans Reaction To The Masked Singer UK Season 5

Looking Back at The Masked Singer UK’s Iconic Winners

Charlie Simpson, the victor of the previous season, delivered performances that have become a benchmark for excellence. As we eagerly await the new season, speculation is rife about who will be the next to join the prestigious lineup of winners in The Masked Singer UK history.

Here Is The Masked Singer UK Season 5 Trailer

To our audience in New Zealand, the trailer for “The Masked Singer UK Season 5” on ITVx is just a click away! It offers a sneak peek into the world of this mesmerizing show, featuring captivating performances and dramatic unmaskings. The trailer hints at a season that’s as entertaining as it is enigmatic, perfect for New Zealand viewers who love a good mystery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of masked singer?

12 prominent entertainers disguise themselves in costumes. Each week, one vocalist is ousted and revealed. Small suggestions are provided to help the spectator guess. The Masked Singer is a guessing game based on the Korean singing competition King of Mask Singer.

Who is firefly masked singer?

Teyana Taylor

Who was Lion in Masked Singer UK?

Will Young

Final Thoughts!

To our New Zealand audience, The Masked Singer UK Season 5 on ITVx is a must-watch. This show is a fantastic blend of mystery and music, where the thrill of guessing the singer adds an extra layer of fun to the already exciting performances. It’s not just about vocal talent; it’s about the whole package – the costumes, the drama, and the suspense. It’s a show that promises to be as unpredictable as it is entertaining, making it the perfect choice for those who love a bit of intrigue with their music.

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