Watch ‘Ishura’ in New Zealand on Hulu

Ishura, a captivating anime series adapted from Keiso’s popular light novel, is set to mesmerize a global audience. Originating as a web novel on Kakuyomu, this dark fantasy anime has grown into an eagerly awaited series, renowned for its dynamic action sequences and complex narrative. To watch Ishura in New Zealand on Hulu, a subscription to a trustworthy VPN is essential. Such a VPN enhances your streaming experience, ensuring it’s perfect for family enjoyment during the New Year celebrations.

Watch Ishura in New Zealand on Hulu

Follow these simple steps to watch Ishura

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Hulu

  5. Watch Ishura on Hulu

Why Do We Need a VPN to Watch Ishura in New Zealand

A VPN is essential to access Ishura in regions where it’s not directly available due to geo-restrictions. For instance, viewers in New Zealand, need a VPN like ExpressVPN to watch Ishura, as it bypasses regional content licensing agreements. To watch Ishura on Hulu in New Zealand, you’ll need a VPN. This will enable you to connect to a US server, granting you access to the extensive library of movies and shows available on the platform, just like residents of the USA can enjoy.

Where to Watch the Ishura in New Zealand

Ishura is available globally on Hulu, the exclusive streaming platform for the series. It’s set for a worldwide premiere on January 3, 2024. You also have the option to watch Ishura in New Zealand for free, thanks to Hulu’s generous 30-day free trial offer. This allows users to explore the platform and enjoy a variety of other shows and movies on Hulu at no cost. There is no obligation to maintain the Hulu subscription, as it provides the flexibility to cancel at any time. Below is a detailed overview of Hulu’s subscription plans, which users can choose from to access their favorite shows and movies on Hulu.

Subscription PlanPricing
Hulu (Ad supported)NZ$ 13.80/month (or $138.16/year)
Hulu (No Ads)NZ$ 25.89/month
Hulu + Live Tv (with Ads )NZ$ 120.89/month
Hulu + Live TV (No ads)NZ$ 143.34/month

Where Else to Watch Ishura in New Zealand

Outside the USA, Ishura can be streamed on Disney. However, accessing Disney Plus internationally also requires a VPN to overcome geo-blocks. The optimal choice for viewers wishing to watch Ishura in New Zealand on Hulu is to obtain a VPN subscription. Additionally, for those interested in exploring anime series on Disney Plus, delving into the specifics of the Disney Plus subscription plan is advisable. This approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the available options for enjoying your desired content.

Best VPN to watch Ishura in New Zealand

After a thorough evaluation of the available choices, we’ve identified the optimal solution for you. ExpressVPN stands out as the best VPN for accessing Hulu, allowing users to watch Ishura in New Zealand


ExpressVPN stands out as the leading VPN choice, thanks to its easy-to-use applications, unmatched privacy safeguards, outstanding streaming performance, and dependable speed.

  • A vast network comprising more than 3000 servers spanning across 94 countries.
  • Reliable and consistently fast performance, ensuring stable connections.
  • Utilizes advanced AES-256 military-grade encryption to bolster privacy protection.
  • No restrictions on bandwidth usage. Allows for simultaneous connection of up to five devices.
  • Includes a MediaStreamer feature for devices that may not typically support VPNs.
  • Offers 24/7 customer support.
1 Month PlanNZ$ 18.74
6 Months PlanNZ$ 102.62
12 Months PlanNZ$ 171.05

Release Date of Ishura

Ishura anime is scheduled for a global release on January 3, 2024, on Hulu. The series will first air on TOKYO MX in Japan and then on other networks, including BS Nippon Television, Sun TV, and KBS Kyoto.

About the Ishura

Ishura narrates the tale of superhuman warriors, once united against a demon king, now competing to establish the strongest among them. The series is known for its breathtaking animation and a storyline that weaves fantasy with reality. Expect a series that intricately combines storytelling and stunning animation. This show guarantees to hold your attention with its distinctive characters and thrilling plot developments, making it an essential choice for fans of anime.

Ishura Trailer

Who is in the Cast of Ishura

Cast Characters
Yûki KajiSôjirô
Reina UedaYuno
Jun FukuyamaArs
Akio ÔtsukaHargent
Romi ParkTaren
Sôichirô HoshiDakai
Shôtarô MorikuboRegnejee
Sora AmamiyaCurte
Aoi YûkiKia
Mamiko NotoElea
Rie TakahashiNihilo
Kôichi YamaderaShalk

How many Episodes are there of Ishura?

There are a total of 12 Episodes of Ishura animated series season 1. The Details of the release of every episode are given below

Episode NumberRelease Date
S1.E1 ∙ Episode #1.1Wed, Jan 3, 2024
S1.E2 ∙ Episode #1.2Wed, Jan 10, 2024
S1.E3 ∙ Episode #1.3Wed, Jan 17, 2024
S1.E4 ∙ Episode #1.4Wed, Jan 24, 2024
S1.E5 ∙ Episode #1.5Wed, Jan 31, 2024
S1.E6 ∙ Episode #1.6Wed, Feb 7, 2024
S1.E7 ∙ Episode #1.7Wed, Feb 14, 2024
S1.E8 ∙ Episode #1.8Wed, Feb 21, 2024
S1.E9 ∙ Episode #1.9Wed, Feb 28, 2024
S1.E10 ∙ Episode #1.10Wed, Mar 6, 2024
S1.E11 ∙ Episode #1.11Wed, Mar 13, 2024
S1.E12 ∙ Episode #1.12Wed, Mar 20, 2024

Ratings and Reviews of Ishura

As of now, there are no available ratings for Ishura on platforms like IMDb, as the series is yet to premiere. However, the anticipation and the storyline suggest a promising reception. With fans worldwide eagerly anticipating its release, the series is poised to become a global hit.

Fan’s enthusiastic Reactions

The anticipation for the series’ debut on Twitter is unmistakable. Enthusiasts are keenly marking the calendar, awaiting the arrival of their beloved show. The fan community is remarkably active and passionate, demonstrating significant interest and excitement. As the premiere approaches, fans are actively recommending the show, creating a wave of eagerness to view it as soon as it’s released. Notably, younger audiences are especially filled with excitement for the series.


What more shows can I watch in New Zealand other than Ishura on Hulu?

In New Zealand, a diverse array of shows awaits your viewing pleasure. Notable examples include the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony Special 2024, the twelfth season of Letterkenny, the inspiring Such Brave Girls, and the gripping Wild Crime Season 3

How can I watch Ishura in New Zealand on Hulu?

To watch Ishura in New Zealand on Hulu, securing a subscription to a trustworthy VPN is essential. We suggest opting for ExpressVPN as your go-to streaming ally.

What is the release date of Ishura in New Zealand?

Ishura is set to release in New Zealand on January 3, the same day it premieres on Hulu. However, it’s essential to have a subscription to a dependable VPN to access it.


Ishura stands out as a dark fantasy anime that is set to redefine the genre with its unique storyline and visually stunning animation. Whether you’re in Japan, Canada, the USA, or elsewhere, prepare for an anime experience that promises to be both captivating and exhilarating. To watch Ishura in New Zealand, simply acquire a dependable VPN subscription. We highly recommend utilizing ExpressVPN as your go-to streaming companion, as it stands out as the global leader. ExpressVPN is renowned worldwide for its top-notch quality and budget-friendly pricing.

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