Watch Hot Mess Summer In New Zealand On Prime Video UK

Get ready to dive into the hottest reality series of the summer. Watch Hot Mess Summer in New Zealand on 7 February 2024 arrives on screens across New Zealand. Premiering on Prime Video UK, this electrifying show follows eight lively Brits as they embark on a journey of transformation in the vibrant setting of Zante, Greece. Stay tuned for the release date of Hot Mess Summer in New Zealand to ensure you don’t miss out on the excitement.

Quick Steps: Watch Hot Mess Summer In New Zealand On Prime Video UK

Follow these simple steps to watch Hot Mess Summer

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to Prime Video

  5. Watch your favorite content on Prime Video

Where To Watch Hot Mess Summer In New Zealand?

New Zealand viewers eager to join in on the action can catch Hot Mess Summer exclusively on Prime Video UK with the help of VPN because it is not available in New Zealand due to regional limitations. It helps you to overcome the streaming hurdles and enjoy show without any interruption.

Why Do You Need A VPN To Watch Hot Mess Summer In New Zealand?

For viewers in New Zealand who are eager to watch Hot Mess Summer, a VPN may be necessary to access the show on the Prime Video UK streaming platform. By using a VPN, viewers can bypass geo-restrictions and securely connect to a server located in New Zealand, allowing them to stream the show from anywhere in the world.

Best VPN to Watch Hot Mess Summer In New Zealand

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ExpressVPN also prioritizes user privacy and security, offering military-grade encryption and a strict no-logs policy to ensure that your online activities remain private and protected. Plus, with its user-friendly interface and compatibility with multiple devices, ExpressVPN makes it easy for viewers to access Hot Mess Summer in New Zealand.

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Release Date of Hot Mess Summer

Hot Mess Summer will debut on Prime Video UK in New Zealand on 7 February 2024. Viewers can immerse themselves in the chaos and excitement as the contestants navigate the challenges of running a bustling pool bar in Zante.

About Hot Mess Summer

Hot Mess Summer follows the journey of eight party-loving Brits who are challenged to mend their ways by running a bar in Zante, Greece. Hosted by Rylan Clark, the contestants must reform their wild antics and work together to manage the busiest pool bar on the island. From cleaning toilets to catering to VIP guests, the contestants face a series of tasks that test their teamwork and determination. As they live and work together 24/7, viewers can expect plenty of fireworks, laughter, and even some romance.

Watch Hot Mess Summer Trailer

Get a sneak peek into the chaos that awaits with the official trailer for Hot Mess Summer. Witness the contestants out of their comfort zones as they embark on this unforgettable journey.

Meet the Contestant of Hot Mess Summer

  • Alfonso (26, Surrey)
  • Amin (24, East Sussex)
  • Chloe (26, Lincolnshire)
  • Dan (26, South Wales)
  • Daniella (25, Suffolk)
  • Jay (24, London)
  • Liv (25, Bradford)
  • Rebecca (26, Newcastle)

Who is the Host of Hot Mess Summer?

Rylan, the host of Hot Mess Summer, rose to prominence after participating in The X Factor in 2012. He gained further recognition by winning Celebrity Big Brother the following year. Since then, he has hosted various shows including Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, The Xtra Factor, and Supermarket Sweep. Rylan has also appeared in the Absolutely Fabulous movie and serves as a co-commentator for Eurovision semi-finals.

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Will Hot Mess Summer be released on Prime Video New Zealand in the future?

There’s no confirmation regarding a future release of Hot Mess Summer on Prime Video New Zealand.

Can I watch Hot Mess Summer in New Zealand on Prime Video UK?

No, Hot Mess Summer is exclusively available on Prime Video UK and is not accessible in New Zealand.

How can I access Hot Mess Summer in New Zealand if it’s not available on Prime Video UK?

Unfortunately, Hot Mess Summer is not accessible in New Zealand at the moment. Stay tuned for any updates on its availability.


Prepare for an unforgettable summer journey as Hot Mess Summer takes viewers on a whirlwind adventure through the bustling streets of Zante. With a dynamic cast and plenty of surprises in store, this series is sure to be a hit with fans of reality TV. Tune in to Prime Video UK on 7 February 2024 to join in on the excitement and discover who will emerge victorious in this ultimate summer challenge.

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