Watch ‘Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023′ In New Zealand On BBC iPlayer

Kia ora, Kiwi fans! Dive into the holiday spirit with the Doctor Who Christmas Special is here releasing on 25th December 2023 on BBC iPlayer. Watch Doctor Who Christmas Special in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer via a VPN. Doctor Who Christmas Special is a holiday special. It merges the adventurous spirit of Doctor Who with the festive joy of Christmas, creating a viewing experience that’s both exhilarating and heartwarming, ideal for Kiwi audiences who enjoy imaginative storytelling during the holiday season.

Quick Steps: How To Watch Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023 In New Zealand

Follow these simple steps to watch Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to BBC iPlayer

  5. Watch Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023′ In New Zealand On B on BBC iPlayer

Where to Watch Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023 In New Zealand

New Zealand viewers can watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special on streaming services BBC. While BBC iPlayer is an option, a VPN will be required due to regional restriction, because its Uk based streaming channel. Here is the BBC subscription.

Subscription PackageStandardPlus Complete
1-year PlanNZ$4.99NZ$5.79NZ$6.99
2-year PlanNZ$3.79NZ$4.59NZ$5.79

Where To Watch Other Doctor Who Special Series 2023 In New Zealand

By getting a secure VPN you can watch other Doctor Who Specials like: Doctor Who Wild Blue Yonder, Doctor Who The Star Beast , Doctor Who: 60 Years Of Secrets And Scandals & Doctor Who The Giggle The Final 60th Anniversary Special in USA on BBC iPlayer for free.

Best VPN to Watch Doctor Who Christmas Special In New Zealand

For New Zealand audiences, ExpressVPN is a solid choice to stream the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Its effective unblocking capabilities and fast streaming speeds make it a go-to VPN for Kiwi fans. Here is the best VPN for BBC iPlayer pricing for streaming Doctor Who Christmas Special in New Zealand:

Subscription PlanPrice in NZ$
1 Month PlanNZ$18.36
6 Months PlanNZ$100.52
12 Months PlanNZ$167.60

Air Date Of Doctor Who Christmas Special In New Zealand

New Zealanders, mark December 25, 2023, on your calendars because the “Doctor Who Christmas Special” is coming your way. You can catch it on BBC iPlayer for a holiday treat filled with timey-wimey goodness.

Doctor Who Christmas Special Air Time In New Zealand

In New Zealand, the special will be available at 6:55 am NZDT the next day, given that NZDT is 13 hours ahead of GMT. A splendid way for Kiwi fans to start their day, celebrating the holidays with the Doctor’s extraordinary adventures.

Fans Reaction On Twitter

About Doctor Who Christmas Special

The 2023 Doctor Who Christmas Special, titled “The Church on Ruby Road,” is set to air on 25th December 2023, promising an exciting adventure for fans of the iconic series. This special episode features the Fourteenth Doctor, bringing a new twist to the long-running sci-fi show. The episode’s plot revolves around the mystery of the Fourteenth Doctor and involves a mind-reading shape-changer who informs Donna about the Doctor’s enigmatic situation​n. Additionally, the episode is significant as it marks the first full adventure of Gatwa’s 15th Doctor, following his surprise cameo in a previous episode.

This special is part of a series of 2023 specials for Doctor Who, and it has been highlighted by a unique ident launched by BBC iPlayer, featuring the Fourteenth Doctor and hinting at the return of Donna and his old fac​t. The Doctor Who Christmas Special is a much-anticipated event for fans, combining the traditional festive spirit with the thrill and mystery that Doctor Who is known for.

Doctor Who Christmas Special Official Trailer

Doctor Who Christmas Special Casting

The cast for the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023, scheduled to air on BBC iPlayer on 25th December 2023, includes a mix of new and familiar faces:

  • Ncuti Gatwa – He will star as the Fifteenth Doctor, marking his first full episode in this iconic role.
  • Millie Gibson – She will be introduced as Ruby Sunday, a new character joining the Doctor on his adventure​​​​.
  • Davina McCall – The well-known TV personality will appear as herself in the special​​.
  • Michelle Greenidge – Her role in the special has not been specified, but she is part of the main case​.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that David Tennant starred as the Fourteenth Doctor for the first time, having previously portrayed the Tenth Doctor, and Catherine Tate reprised her role as Donna Noble in the 2023 special

Frequently Asked Questions

Did the 9th Doctor have a Christmas special?

The show was never intended to be a proper Christmas special. “The Unquiet Dead” was just the third episode of the revived series, and it included Doctor Who’s first discussion of the metaphysical.

When was the first Doctor Who Christmas special?

Doctor Who Christmas Specials, which are frequently lighter in tone than the regular adventures, have become an annual tradition since The Christmas Invasion in 2005.

Is the Doctor and Clara still dreaming?

The Doctor then realizes that they are still in a dream and were assaulted when they arrived. The gang is able to awaken with the assistance of Santa, who is shown to be a manifestation of everyone’s minds signaling them something is wrong. They flee the infirmary, narrowly avoiding the casualties.

Final Thoughts!

The Doctor Who Christmas Special ends, leaving New Zealand viewers spellbound. The episode’s unique mix of science fiction and yuletide cheer aligns perfectly with Kiwi audiences’ love for fantastical storytelling, making it a memorable holiday viewing experience.

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