Final Showdown: Watch ‘Billions Season 7’ In New Zealand On Showtime

Are you prepared for a binge-watching session of the much-anticipated conclusion to your favourite season? Tune in to the Showtime network on August 13, 2023, to watch Billions Season 7 in New Zealand. Billions is a critically acclaimed drama series that revolves around the intense battle involving finance, power, and fraud.

Showtime, the streaming platform, is limited to the USA due to geographical restrictions. To overcome this hurdle, employing a VPN like Express VPN is essential to access the ultimate season of Billions.

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Quick Steps: How to Watch Billions Season 7 in New Zealand

Follow these simple steps to watch Billions Season 7

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Showtime

  5. Watch Billions Season 7 on Showtime

Where To Watch Billions Season 7 In New Zealand?

Season 7 of Billions is available on Showtime. Due to restrictions and privacy concerns, it is banned outside of the USA. You require a VPN, such as Express VPN, in order to watch the show. Showtime has four seasons with all of the episodes accessible.

That is fantastic news! The Billion Series, which debuted on August 11, 2023, is also available to stream on Paramount Plus.

Here is the list of subscription plan, you can choose it according to your preference.

Showtime$10.99/month or $11.99/month
Paramount Plus$5.99/month
Paramount Plus with Showtime$11.99/month

What is the Release Date of Billions Season 7?

The first airing of the series took place on August 11, 2023, exclusively on Paramount Plus. In case you happened to miss the premiere, there’s no need for concern as the series is set to make a return on Showtime.

Anticipation is building for the eagerly awaited first episode of the show, which is set to grace Paramount+ in conjunction with Showtime. The television debut is slated for Sunday, August 13th, 2023, at 8 pm on Showtime.

Amazing performances by the actors in Billions series. (Image Credit: COURTESY BY SPORTSKEEDA)

What Billions Season 7 Based On?

The concluding chapter of Billions on Showtime presents an enthralling and spellbinding scenario. Following Rhoades’ release from incarceration, a relentless and entangled clash of intellect unfurls between him and Prince, reaching unprecedented heights.

Though Prince’s stature as a billionaire has suffered visible tarnish in the eyes of the public, his determination to secure the presidency remains steadfast.

Meanwhile, Axelrod finds solace in the confines of Switzerland, opting for self-imposed exile to sidestep the legal aftermath. As these personalities navigate their ambitions and legal entanglements, the season guarantees a riveting tale brimming with power struggles, relationship issues and drama.

Sneak Peek of Billions Season 7

Alliances undergo a complete reversal. Previous wounds are wielded as strategic assets. Loyalties undergo rigorous testing. Deceit expands to monumental proportions. Foes morph into vigilant compatriots. And the return of Bobby Axelrod aligns with heightened perils stretching from the financial realm to the global arena, presenting challenges of an entirely new magnitude.

Official Synopsis

The overall synopsis of the series is,

“New money means no mercy as Mike Prince takes the Axe Capital throne. Chuck Rhoades is convinced no one should have that much wealth or power. As all the players seek out new alliances, only one thing’s for certain wealth means war.”


Reviews On YouTube

“I’m glad axe is back, the show don’t smack the same without him

A user on YouTube comment

“You can NOT have this show without Damian Lewis.”

A YouTube user says

Who is in the Cast and Crew of Billions Season 7?

Following is the list of best actors.

Official NameCharacter Name
Paul GiamattiChuck Rhoades
Corey StollMichael Prince
Maggie SiffWendy Rhoades
David CostabileMike Wagner
Asia Kate DillonTaylor Mason
Condola RashadKate Sacker
Jeffrey DeMunnChuck Rhoades Sr.
Sakina JaffreyDaevisha “Dave” Mahar
Daniel BreakerScooter Dunbar
Babak TaftiBradford Luke
Damian LewisBobby Axelrod

List of Episode of Billions Season 7

So far, there is eight episode will be released.

Episode 1 | Tower of London | 13 August 2023

Prince’s political aspirations take an unexpected turn, and his motives are questioned. Wendy, Wags, and Taylor seek advice from an old friend. Chuck teams up with an odd partner in an effort to take advantage of his freedom.

Episode 2 | Original Sin | 20 August 2023

In accordance with a new direction for huge swings, Prince solicits campaign support and exhorts the Prince Cappers to shoot high. To further a new agenda, Chuck bargains with a ghost from his past. Axe gives us a peek into his brand-new existence.

Episode 3 | Winston Dick Energy | 27 August 2023

Prince makes an effort to benefit personally from the work of a former employee. Chuck gathers the soldiers in his old haunts. Wendy’s trust in Prince Cap is undermined by an internal betrayal.

Episode 4 | Hurricane Rosie | 3 September 2023

Chuck launches his most recent effort to defeat his adversary by taking up a case with connections to Prince. When a major element of their most recent production is revealed, The Prince Cappers are presented with an ethical conundrum. Wendy finds herself requesting advice.

Episode 5 | The Gulag Archipelago | 10 September 2023

Prince has disagreements with his staff about who has the most power. Ira asks Chuck for assistance with an awkward issue. Luke and Wendy start to get along. Sacker confronts a threat to her future from someone from her past.

Episode 6 | The Man in the Olive Drab T-Shirt | 17 September 2023

Axe asks Chuck for help with a task involving a shared foe. Prince makes moves to increase his notoriety. Chuck consults a creative business thinker for advice. Wendy makes an effort to conduct employee surveys, even at the expense of Prince’s pride.

Episode 7 | DMV | 24 September 2023

Prince’s most recent production promises to strengthen his political agenda, but also leaves Philip in a difficult spot. A family crisis for Chuck and Wendy results from Senior’s poor decision-making. Wags and Scooter work together to improve the atmosphere at Prince Cap.

Episode 8 | The Owl | 29 September 2023

Chuck and Prince travel to upstate New York to meet a fresh political movement. Prince gives up pride to fulfil a heartfelt request. Wendy aids Wags in exploring his most ardent wants.

What are the Ratings of Billions?

IMDb Rating 8.4/10
Highly anticipated series Billions. (Image Credit: COURTESY BY TV Insider)

What is Critic Saying On Billions Season 7?

“Those who’ve stuck with Billions throughout will no doubt find more of the things they have enjoyed. But it heads towards the finish as a wan and diluted version of what it was.

Daily Telegraph (UK)

Billions Season 7 Episode 1 Recap

With evident anger, Michael Prince storms through the corridors of Axe Capital, seizes a chair, and hurls it through the glass window into Wendy Rhoades’s office, the frigid gap not deterring him. Wendy, taken aback by his sudden appearance, remains in a state of astonishment as Prince enters, questioning the reasons behind his disqualification from the presidential race.

Best VPN To Watch Billions Season 7 In New Zealand On Showtime

With the help of the best VPN service, you can watch Billions Season 7 in New Zealand on Showtime. Moreover, you can also stream interesting series on Showtime such as The Chi Season 6 with the help of our following VPN services.

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What is the Hype of Billions Season 7?


Who replaced AXE?

Corey Stoll replaces Axe.

What is the shooting location of Billions Series?

The series was shot in Orangeburg, New York, USA

Will Damian Lewis return to Billions season 7?

Yes, Lewis returned on the last season.

Summing Up

The property of fresh equates to a complete absence of empathy, as Mike Prince takes the reins of leadership at Axe Capital. Enroll in a VPN service for seamless and trouble-free streaming.

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