How To Watch ‘Below Deck Down Under Season 2’ On Bravo TV In New Zealand

The Below Deck franchise is going to Australia again and introduces a group of familiar and interesting people. You can watch Below Deck Down Under Season 2 on Bravo TV starting on July 17, 2023. You can also stream the series on Peacock the next day. In the new season of Below Deck Down Under, we see the lives of sailors as they travel on the open waters. The TV show highlights the experiences of the characters in their personal and work lives. Watch Below Deck Down Under Season 2 In New Zealand as They face difficulties and challenges during their journey. This time, the team goes on an exciting trip to explore the beautiful Australian seas.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Below Deck Down Under Season 2 In New Zealand

Follow these simple steps to watch Below Deck Down Under Season 2

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Bravo TV

  5. Watch Below Deck Down Under Season 2 on Bravo TV

Where can I find free online episodes of Below Deck Down Under Season 2?

You can watch Below Deck Down Under Season 2 online exclusively on Bravo Tv for free as Bravo tv has no subscription cost and stream it on Peacock. Both channels are USA-based OTT channels, if you are living outside the USA you will need a VPN service like Express VPN to overcome the streaming hurdles.

Moreover, you can also stream the series on Peacock, Sling TV and Fubo TV in the USA.

ChannelsSubscription ChargesAvailable Locations
Peacock$4.99US, UK
Sling TV$45US
HayuCA $5.99 / £4.99 / AU $6.99UK, Canada, Australia

The release date for Below Deck Down Under Season 2 has been announced. This is a show that many people have been looking forward to.

Prepare yourself an interesting show Below Deck Down Under Season 2 is return on 17 July 2023 on Bravo TV at 8 pm ET/PT and will also be available to stream on Peacock on 18 july 2023. Don’t forget to miss the exciting series.

Watch Below Deck Down Under Season 2

Here is everything you need to know about season 2 of 

Below Deck Down Under.

Captain Jason and Chief Stew Aesha reunite for an exhilarating charter season in the awe-inspiring waters of Cairns, Australia, a gateway to the stunning Great Barrier Reef. Joining them are a dynamic new crew and a group of lively passengers.

Throughout the season, Captain Jason takes the helm of the elegant motor yacht Northern Sun, navigating not only the unpredictable crew dynamics but also unexpected twists and turns. Guests who disregard Jason’s rules and miss out on the continuous adventure and breathtaking underwater exploration that each charter offers risk jeopardizing their own vacation.

Aesha, a seasoned leader, faces professional challenges while taking care of the crew. Tensions arise between Jason and Chef Tzarina, despite the mouthwatering cuisine. Understaffed deckhands make costly mistakes, and conflicts among the stews escalate. The crew can expect unforeseen arrivals, as well as ups and downs that will keep them on their toes throughout their journey.

Get a quick look at what’s coming up in Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under.

As they gear up for their first charter, the crew of the Northern Sun, a converted fishing boat now transformed into a lavish yacht, come together for a lively and playful gathering.

Fan Reviews On YouTube

“Aesha is such a ray of sunshine”

A user On YouTube says

“Stoked that this show is still on. Love this show”

A YouTube user says

Can I watch the second season of Below Deck Down Under without paying?

Yes, You can watch the new season of Below Deck Down Under for free as Fubo TV is offering 7 days of free trial for its new viewers. Hurry up don’t waste the opportunity to watch the series for free.


The overall season has the official synopsis of,

“Explores the complex, often explosive dynamics of the crew and a rotating group of demanding charter guests on a yacht in northeastern Australia.”


The amazing group of people appearing on Below Deck Down Under Season 2.

Here is the list.

Jason Chambers
Aesha Scott
Brittini Burton
Culver Bradbury
Tumi Mhlongo
Jamie Sayed
Ben Crawley
Ryan McKeown
Magda Ziomek
Nate Post
Taylor Dennison
Adam Lukasiewicz
Tzarina Mace-Ralph
Laura Bileskain
Harry Van Vliet
Margot Sisson
Luke Jones

Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under has some important details about the episodes.

Below is the complete list of episodes of Below Deck Down Under Season 2.

Episode 1 | Yes, We Cairns! | 17 July 2023

In Cairns, Australia’s entrance to the Great Barrier Reef, a new charter season begins. As the crew scrambles to accommodate passengers with a party-loving attitude, the interior and exterior departments start out man-down.

Episode 2 | Floating Circus | 24 July 2023

The crew must deal with the long hours, high stress, and difficulties of working on a superyacht while navigating the natural splendor of the tropical islands near to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

  • Episode 3 | Ice, Ice, Maybe | 24 July 2023
  • Episode 4 | All’s Fair in Love and Downpour | 31 July 2023
  • Episode 5 | Everyone Everywhere All at Once | 31 July 2023
  • Episode 6 | All Wrong | 7 August 2023
  • Episode 7 | The Turnover Day | 10 August 2023
Watch Below Deck Down Under Season 2

What are the Ratings of Below Deck Down Under?

IMDb Rating7.7/10
Audience Score On Rotten Tomatoes67%

What Else To Watch On Bravo TV?

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The Hype of Below Deck Down Under Season 2


What challenges do the crew members face on the show?

The crew members on “Below Deck Down Under” face various challenges, including demanding guests with specific requests, long working hours, tight schedules, interpersonal conflicts, and the pressure to deliver exceptional service while maintaining a professional demeanor.

Can I charter the yacht featured on “Below Deck Down Under”?

In some cases, it may be possible to charter the yacht featured on the show. However, availability and pricing may vary, and it’s recommended to contact the yacht charter company directly for more information.

Is “Below Deck Down Under” scripted?

While “Below Deck Down Under” is a reality TV show, some aspects may be produced or edited for entertainment purposes. The crew members’ interactions and the challenges they face are generally unscripted, but certain scenes may be set up or reenacted for better storytelling.

Wrap Up

In the second season of Below Deck Down Under, we saw the crew’s time in Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. They faced tough situations, went on exciting trips, and had amazing underwater moments that they will never forget. They had problems, handled difficult guests, and managed disagreements within the group, but they also made really special memories during their journey.

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