Journey Beyond the Stars: ‘Asteroid City (2023)’ Lands On Peacock – Watch Now In New Zealand!

Gear up for an unparalleled cinematic escapade that challenges the conventional notions of time and space. Wes Anderson‘s latest masterpiece, Asteroid City, is poised to touch down on August 11 for its fans in New Zealand to watch it on Peacock. Overflowing with Anderson’s trademark whimsical touch and an ensemble of distinguished performers, the film transports you to a bygone yet futuristic universe, where a desert town takes on the role of a mesmerizing backdrop for an unforgettable narrative. Prepare to be spellbound by the harmonious blend of comedy, drama, and an ethereal allure, all available at the touch of your fingertips. As the calendar inches closer to August 11th, be sure to underline this date, as it promises an otherworldly experience complete with laughter, mystery, and a cinematic enchantment that defies expectations.

Quick Steps: How to watch Asteroid City (2023) in New Zealand

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  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Peacock

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Where can I watch Asteroid City (2023) in New Zealand online?

For those who find themselves enchanted by the allure of Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City and yearning to partake in its captivating odyssey, the digital realm provides a convenient avenue to explore. This cinematic gem, celebrated for its whimsical charm and exceptional ensemble cast, has seamlessly made the transition from the silver screen to the online world, offering audiences the opportunity to indulge in its delightful storytelling at their utmost convenience. The realm of Peacock, a popular streaming platform, now plays host to this masterpiece.

In the case of individuals facing geographic restrictions, Peacock often emerges as the streaming platform of choice. Yet, those confronted with such barriers can leverage the capabilities of a VPN service like ExpressVPN to effortlessly transcend these obstacles and unlock unfettered access not only to Asteroid City but also to the plethora of Peacock’s offerings. The convergence of Peacock’s streaming capabilities with the versatility of ExpressVPN enables viewers to be fully immersed in the mesmerizing universe of Asteroid City, no matter their global location.

However, note that Peacock’s subscription options have recently recalibrated, with plans commencing at $5.99 per month, accompanied by occasional ads. For an elevated, ad-free experience, subscribers can consider the Premium Plus plan, available at $10.99 per month. While the option of a Peacock free trial is no longer available, prospective subscribers can seize a 17% discount by opting for the annual plans, amounting to either $59.99 or $119.99 per year, depending on the selected tier.

Don’t miss out: Release date of Asteroid City (2023) has been revealed!

From its world premiere at the 76th annual Cannes Film Festival in May to the theatrical debut on June 16, Wes Anderson’s masterpiece has charmed audiences with retro-futuristic appeal and a stellar cast. After a successful nationwide run starting June 23, catch it on Peacock from August 11 at 6 a.m. ET/3 a.m. PT. Whether a fan or newcomer, immerse in enchanting storytelling as Asteroid City weaves eccentricities, humor, and extraterrestrial intrigue.

Enjoy the thrills: Watch the official trailer of Asteroid City (2023)

Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City trailer offers a unique cinematic odyssey, sweeping you away on a charming journey through time and space. Explore a desert town, meet eccentric characters, and embrace the otherworldly. With a star-studded cast and Anderson’s whimsical style, this trailer ensures a visual and emotional rollercoaster, inviting you to immerse yourself fully in the enchanting realm of Asteroid City!

Theatrical Whimsy to Digital Delight: Unconventional Release Journey

Amidst the streaming-dominated landscape of our time, Wes Anderson’s unwavering commitment to the art of cinema radiates brilliantly. In a departure from the norm observed among numerous Hollywood creators, he abstained from fashioning a film exclusively tailored for digital streaming platforms, preserving the allure inherent to the silver screen. While enthusiasts fervently awaited the opportunity to partake in the enchantment of Asteroid City from the confines of their living rooms, the movie made its grand debut within the hallowed walls of theaters, commemorating the enchantment of shared cinematic experiences.

For aficionados of the seventh art yearning to relish in the delectable audiovisual feast that is Asteroid City from the sanctuary of their abodes, an alternative avenue lies open through the option of rental. Regardless of the chosen portal — be it Apple TV, Prime Video, Google Play, YouTube, or Vudu — the cost remains unwavering: $19.99 for a rental and $24.99 for a purchase. This ingenious pricing structure grants admirers the privilege of immersing themselves in Anderson’s artistic extravaganza without inflicting undue strain upon their financial resources.

Official Synopsis

“World-changing events spectacularly disrupt the itinerary of a Junior Stargazer/Space Cadet convention in an American desert town circa 1955.”


Discover the cast of Asteroid City (2023)

The cinematic sphere is graced by a select constellation of stars whose brilliance transcends the ordinary. In the tapestry of Asteroid City, an amalgamation of remarkable talents converges, each weaving their unique luminance into the intricate fabric of the film. With a fusion of seasoned experts and ascending luminaries, this collective cast saturates the desert enclave with a kaleidoscope of characters, ensuring that every on-screen instance evolves into a spellbinding and immersive feast for the senses.

Jason SchwartzmanAugie Steenbeck
Scarlett JohanssonMidge Campbell
Tom HanksStanley Zak
Jeffrey WrightGeneral Gibson
Tilda SwintonDr. Hickenlooper
Edward NortonConrad Earp
Adrien BrodySchubert Green
Liev SchreiberJ.J. Kellogg
Hope DavisSandy Borden
Stephen ParkRoger Cho
Rupert FriendMontana
Maya HawkeJune Douglas
Steve CarellMotel Manager
Matt DillonMechanic
Hong ChauPolly
Willem DafoeSaltzburg Keitel
Margot RobbieSteenbeck’s Deceased Wife and Zak’s Daughter
Tony RevoloriGen
Jake RyanWoodrow
Grace EdwardsDinah
Aristou MeehanClifford
Sophia LillisShel
Ethan Josh LeeRick
Jeff GoldblumThe Alien

Beyond Earthly Boundaries of Asteroid City

In the mesmerizing tapestry of Wes Anderson’s creative universe, emerges Asteroid City as his 11th magnum opus. Following a purposeful cinematic hiatus after the resounding success of “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” Anderson returns with renewed passion to grace his audience with original narratives that unfurl on the grandeur of the silver screen. Against the evocative backdrop of a quaint desert town, playing host to a gathering of young astronomy enthusiasts, the film showcases a constellation of cinematic luminaries, a dream team drawn from Hollywood’s A-list: Scarlett Johansson, Jason Schwartzman, Tom Hanks, Jeffrey Wright, Bryan Cranston, Tilda Swinton, and more, all lending their exceptional talents to breathe life into this captivating tale.

The ensemble cast and architects behind Asteroid City describe the film as a multifaceted creation, interweaving a multitude of themes and interpretations. From matters of the heart to incisive commentary on the world of acting, the movie presents a kaleidoscope of perspectives through which its narrative can be explored. Anderson’s vision was to cultivate a rich tapestry of interconnected meanings, showcasing his unwavering commitment to delivering narratives that provoke thought and resonate on various levels.

Here are the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings of Asteroid City (2023)

Asteroid City (2023) IMDbAsteroid City (2023) Rotten Tomatoes

What’s the plot of Asteroid City (2023)?

Transport yourself to the beguiling realm of Asteroid City, an imaginative fusion of retro-futurism with a nod to the 1950s era. Here, a captivating TV host escorts viewers into the realm of Asteroid City, a theatrical marvel that takes center stage. The plot orbits around an astronomy conference set against the backdrop of the eponymous desert town, inviting you to accompany a dynamic cast of characters on a journey suffused with charm. Anderson’s narrative artistry shines as he skillfully intertwines extraterrestrial myths and the allure of UFOs within the Southwestern desert, infusing the storyline with an enigmatic quality that seamlessly marries his signature humor and moments of poignant reflection.

A Blend of Humor and Poignancy

Distinguished by his singular dialogue craftsmanship and finely tuned character relationships, Wes Anderson’s body of work consistently conjures a symmetrical fusion of levity and contemplation. Within this oeuvre, Asteroid City emerges as a crowning achievement of comedic brilliance, encapsulating Anderson’s unparalleled aesthetics while unraveling a narrative that gracefully oscillates between amusement and poignant resonance. Beneath its comedic veneer, the film deftly upholds Anderson’s mastery in sculpting enigmatic puzzles, inviting viewers to delve into the depths of layered meaning.

What are the critical reviews of Asteroid City (2023)?

“The writer-director’s knowing meta-tale set in a space-obsessed 1950s desert town has a starry cast and meticulous attention to detail, but its studied quirkiness is often more irritating than amusing.”

The Guardian

“It looks like an ordinary pit stop save for the atomic cloud soon mushrooming in the sky. An accidentally Wes Anderson world is an amusing idea, partly because his films can outwardly seem somehow removed from life despite their agonies, broken hearts, dashed dreams and nuclear weapons.”

The New York Times

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What else to watch on Peacock?

Best VPNs to watch Asteroid City (2023) in New Zealand on Peacock

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Is Asteroid City on Netflix?

Currently, Asteroid City isn’t included in the extensive array of movies and TV shows available on Netflix.

Is Asteroid City suitable for family viewing?

While Asteroid City has elements of comedy that may appeal to a wide audience, its PG-13 rating suggests that some content may be more suitable for mature viewers. Parents are encouraged to preview the film and determine its appropriateness for younger audiences.

Does Asteroid City pay homage to any classic cinema or literature?

Wes Anderson’s films often feature references and nods to various cultural elements. Asteroid City may contain subtle homages to classic cinema, literature, or artistic movements, contributing to its depth and enriching the viewing experience.

Wrapping Up!

In the ever-evolving panorama of cinema, Wes Anderson stands as an unyielding purveyor of cinematic artistry that transcends confines. A testament to his unflinching commitment to storytelling and his distinct filmic methodology, Asteroid City emerges. Bolstered by a stellar ensemble, a tapestry of imagination, and Anderson’s signature flair, the movie sweeps its audience into a domain where the ordinary unfurls as extraordinary, and the anticipated unravels into surprise. Whether you’re a devoted Wes Anderson admirer or a neophyte in his narrative realm, Asteroid City pledges an immersive expedition into an unparalleled world.

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