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In the mesmerizing landscapes of New Zealand, where the breathtaking beauty of nature beckons at every turn, the need for streaming entertainment often takes a back seat. If you find yourself wanting to bid adieu to your Vudu subscription while enjoying the splendor of this island nation, you’re not alone. Canceling a Vudu subscription in New Zealand may seem like a complex quest but fear not; we’re here to guide you how to cancel Vudu subscription in New Zealand. 

In this comprehensive article, we’ll navigate the steps to seamlessly end your Vudu subscription, ensuring that you can reclaim your financial freedom and immerse yourself once more in the untamed wilderness and serene vistas that this enchanting land has to offer. Say farewell to Vudu and embrace the natural wonders of New Zealand with open arms.

Canceling Vudu Subscription in New Zealand: Quick Steps

If you’re in New Zealand and need to cancel your Vudu subscription, follow these simple steps:

  1. VPN Setup: Ensure you’re connected to a VPN server in the USA to access Vudu from New Zealand.
  2. Log In: Visit the Vudu website and log in to your account.
  3. Account Settings: Locate your account settings, typically found in the top-right corner.
  4. Billing Information: Navigate to the billing or subscription section.
  5. Cancel Subscription: Follow the provided instructions to cancel your Vudu subscription.
  6. Confirmation: Confirm the cancellation to finalize the process.

By following these steps, you can easily cancel your Vudu subscription while in New Zealand.

Why Shouldn’t I Cancel Vudu Subscription in New Zealand?

Before rushing to cancel your Vudu subscription in New Zealand, consider the advantages. Vudu provides an array of movies and TV shows, ideal for family bonding or solo entertainment. Additionally, it grants you access to early digital releases, so you can enjoy the latest blockbusters in the comfort of your home. Staying subscribed also means you won’t have to deal with reactivation fees in the future. Lastly, with Vudu’s ability to download content, you can watch offline during your adventures across New Zealand’s stunning landscapes, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment.

The Dilemma of Ending Your Vudu Subscription in New Zealand

Ending your Vudu subscription in New Zealand presents a unique dilemma. On one hand, it frees up your finances and streaming options, allowing you to explore the captivating landscapes. However, you risk missing out on a vast collection of movies, exclusive content, and a user-friendly platform. The choice ultimately hinges on your priorities – the call of nature or cinematic adventures from your couch.

Cancel Vudu On Different Platforms

Canceling your Vudu subscription in New Zealand doesn’t have to be a daunting task, especially when it comes to navigating various platforms. Whether you’re using a smart TV, computer, or mobile device, we’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to cancel your Vudu subscription on different platforms.

Quick Steps To Cancel Vudu Subscription in New Zealand  

  1. Begin by logging into your Vudu account with your credentials.
  2. Navigate to the “Account” section, typically found in the settings or profile menu.
  3. Look for the option to delete your account. It may be labeled as “Delete Account” or something similar.
  4. When prompted, enter your password to verify your identity.
  5. Confirm the account deletion by clicking on the delete account option once more.
  6. After this, your Vudu account will be permanently deleted, along with all the data associated with it.

Cancel Your Vudu Subscription on iPhone or iPad in New Zealand

If you’ve been purchasing or renting movies on Vudu to watch on your iPhone or iPad and now want to cancel your subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Unlock your iPhone or iPad and access the settings application.
  2. Scroll down and tap on your name to access your Apple ID settings.
  3. Find the “Subscriptions” tab and select it.
  4. Next, tap on your Apple ID, sign in if required, and scroll down to locate the “Subscriptions” button.
  5. You should see your Vudu subscription listed; select it to proceed with the cancellation.
  6. To cancel your subscription, click on “Cancel Subscription.”
  7. If you cannot find the “Cancel Subscription” button, it likely means your subscription has already been canceled.

Cancel Vudu Subscription on Android Devices

  1. Sign in to your Google account, which is associated with your Vudu subscription.
  2. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  3. Tap on the menu, then select the “Subscriptions” option.
  4. If you have an active Vudu subscription, you’ll find it listed there. Click on the Vudu subscription and proceed to cancel it by selecting “Cancel Subscription.”
  5. Rest assured, canceling your Vudu subscription won’t result in any additional charges.
  6. Additionally, if you need to cancel Eurosport subscriptions on your Android device, it’s also a straightforward process.

Steps to Cancel Your Vudu Subscription on Mac

  1. Open the Mac App Store, and you’ll find your name at the bottom of the sidebar.
  2. Click on your name, and if prompted, sign in.
  3. Scroll down to the next page to locate the “Subscriptions” button.
  4. Click on “Manage.”
  5. Look for your Vudu subscription, then select “Edit” and proceed to choose the “Cancel Subscription” option.

How to Cancel Vudu Subscription via Email?

  1. Send an email to Vudu at [email protected].
  2. In the subject, clearly state the purpose of the email.
  3. Include your name and phone number in the email.
  4. Explain your reasons for canceling the subscription and any additional feedback or complaints you might have.
  5. Vudu will respond to your email, and once confirmed, your subscription will be canceled.

Steps to Cancel Vudu Subscription on Paypal

  1. Begin by opening your PayPal account or visiting their website and logging in.
  2. Look for the “Settings” button and click on it.
  3. Under the payment options, locate your Vudu subscription.
  4. Click on the Vudu subscription and select the “Cancel automatic subscription” option.
  5. Complete the process by going to the verification page and tapping “Done” to unsubscribe from Vudu permanently.
  6. If you don’t see Vudu in your Payment tab, it means you’ve already unsubscribed, and no further action is needed.

Things You Should Know Before Ending Your Vudu Subscription in New Zealand 

Before you decide to cancel your Vudu subscription, some significant points warrant careful thought:

  1. Automatic Renewal: Vudu subscriptions usually renew automatically. To avoid unexpected charges, remember to manually cancel your subscription before the next billing cycle.
  2. Content Loss Risk: Cancelling your membership, especially during a free trial, might mean losing access to Vudu’s vast content library.

Considering these aspects is essential for informed management of your Vudu subscription.

How much do I need to pay to Cancel My VUDU Subscription in New Zealand?

The great news for those considering canceling their VUDU subscription is that VUDU provides a free cancellation service as part of their policy. You won’t be billed any fees for ending your subscription. You can find more details about VUDU’s cancellation policy on their customer support page or the VUDU homepage, where they prominently feature their free cancellation policy. Rest assured, saying goodbye to your VUDU account won’t come with any unexpected costs.

How Long Does It Take to Close My VUDU Account?

When you have all the necessary information ready, deleting your VUDU account is a remarkably swift process. Once you’ve provided the required details, the cancellation happens instantly, offering a seamless experience. It’s a wise practice to save or record the essential information. This could come in handy if you decide to cancel your account in person at a Walmart store. Being well-prepared ensures a smooth cancellation process, regardless of the method you choose.


Can I cancel Vudu on my mobile device?

Yes, you can cancel your Vudu subscription on the Vudu app by accessing Account Settings and selecting “Cancel My Subscription.”

Can I reactivate my Vudu subscription if I change my mind?

Yes, you can reactivate your Vudu subscription anytime by resubscribing and selecting a suitable plan.

Is there a fee for canceling Vudu in New Zealand?

No, there are no cancellation fees associated with ending your Vudu subscription in New Zealand.

Final Words!

In the serene landscapes of New Zealand, mastering the art of canceling your Vudu subscription is your gateway to newfound streaming freedom. We’ve navigated various platforms and simplified the process, ensuring you can unsubscribe effortlessly. As you embrace this change, remember the lush landscapes and breathtaking vistas of New Zealand, ready to captivate your senses. Now, armed with the knowledge to cancel Vudu, you can reallocate your resources for adventures both on-screen and in the heart of this stunning country.

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