You Season 4 ending explained

Love, obsession, manipulation, mystery, empathy, horror; welcome to the mind-bending and thrilling world of You. This rollercoaster ride will make you question your own judgements and perceptions with unexpected twists and unyielding tensions. With the success of all the previous seasons, You is back with a bang and ready to take you to the edge of your seats. How does You season 4 end? The show is available to watch on Netflix and in this article, You Season 4 ending explained in detail.

What is You series all about?

You is a popular Netflix psychological thriller based on the novels by Caroline Kepnes. It revolves around a charming young man Joe, who is a disturbed bookstore manager and has intense obsession towards women. This obsession leads him to use extreme measures to get close to these women and eventually reveal his dark side, that will ultimately put him to complex and dangerous relationship.

But it is not just Joe who will mesmerise you through the series. The rich array of supporting characters adds to the overall intrigue, betrayal, and shocking revelations of the series. Each one possesses a trove of secrets and hidden agendas, adding layers of complexity to the narrative that will keep you engrossed and guessing at every turn. You can watch the series on Netflix and also have an option to buy on Apple TV.

Cast of You

You possesses an ensemble cast so compelling and talented that you’ll find yourself irresistibly drawn into their dark and complex personas. This ensemble brings You to life, making every twist and revelation a heart-pounding experience. These stellar performances are given by the following cast members:

Penn BadgleyJoe Goldberg
Victoria PedrettiLove Quinn
Tati Gabrielle Marienne Bellamy
Ambyr ChildersCandace Stone
Elizabeth LailGuinevere Beck
Charlotte RitchieKate Galvin
James ScullyForty Quinn
Saffron BurrowsDottie Quinn
Luca Padovan Paco
Jenna OrtegaEllie Alves

What is the release date of You Season 4?

You on Netflix Season 4 released in two parts, consisting a total of 10 episodes, with each part having 5 bone chilling chapters. The first part released on Netflix on February 9, 2023 with 5 episodes and the second part released on March 9, 2023, again with 5 episodes. You can subscribe to Netflix subscription plans to binge on this jaw dropping series!

You- A quick recap

Joe, who is a murderous bookstore manager turned college professor, has some strange obsessions, that leads him to kill everyone from strangers to neighbours to girlfriends to his wife. Over the course of the thriller’s run, this psychopath racked up terrifying body count. Moreover, Joe succeeds in pretending that he is a good person, and justifies horrible things that he does, in the most absurd ways.

In You Season 4, tables turn for Joe as he encounters the infamous Eat the Rich Killer. This person forces Joe to turn his hyper-observant eye toward himself. In the final shot of season 4, we can observe a sinister look on his face, which might lead to his self-actualization. This can surely mean anything for Joe or the world.

What happened in part One of Season 4?

In Part One of the season, we followed Joe’s story after he left Los Angeles. He pretended to die, leaving the blame on Love, and left his son with their neighbors. Joe went to Paris to find Marienne, the person he truly loves. Later, he moved to London and became a literature professor at a university, which suited him well as he loves books.

Goldberg, who now goes by the name Jonathan Moore, makes friends with a group of wealthy and popular people at a party. The group consists of his neighbors Malcolm and Kate, as well as Lady Phoebe Borehall-Braxworth, Adam Pratt, Blessing Bosede, Simon and Sophie Soo, Roald Walker-Burton, Gemma Graham-Greene, Connie (no last name is known), and Rhys Montrose.

The morning after the party, Goldberg wakes up to find his neighbor Malcolm dead on his kitchen table, with a knife in his heart. This starts a series of events where more people die, at least five in total. Goldberg gets a text message from someone who knows his real identity but remains unknown. He discovers that he is the one being followed and threatened. The killer’s identity is later revealed to be Montrose. Now, Joe must find a way to stop Montrose and protect himself from harm.

What happened in Part two?

In the show, viewers see Goldberg investigating Montrose and trying to find a way to escape from him. In episode six, he manipulates a woman who is infatuated with Lady Phoebe to divert suspicion onto the “Eat The Rich” killer, who was a suspect among the wealthy friend group. At the episode conclusion, one of his students, Nadia, becomes suspicious of him.

In the seventh episode, Montrose forces Goldberg to kill Kate’s powerful father, Tom Lockwood, and threatens to harm Marienne if he doesn’t comply. When Goldberg attempts to carry out the plan, Lockwood reveals Montrose’s location after getting involved in a scandal. Goldberg finds Montrose, interrogates him, and accidentally kills him. However, it is later revealed that the villainous Montrose was a creation of Goldberg’s imagination, and there is a second Montrose, indicating a psychological twist.

In episode eight, it is revealed that Joe was the one who kidnapped Marienne and committed the murders. Nadia becomes obsessed with freeing Marienne but knows it’s almost impossible. Montrose explains that Joe imagined everything and is the real killer. In episode nine, Adam Pratt is killed by Lockwood due to the troubles he caused for Lady Phoebe and Kate. Joe finally finds Marienne but needs to handle some things before setting her free. Nadia and Marienne come up with a complex plan to escape.

You Season 4 ending explained

After discovering Marienne unconscious in the glass box with an empty pill bottle, Goldberg assumes she’s dead and leaves her on a park bench. Nadia and Edward grow closer as they work together to free Marienne. Joe kills Lockwood and has an emotional conversation with the imaginary Montrose, leading him to attempt suicide by jumping off a bridge, but he survives thanks to prompt police intervention. Nadia shares their plan with Edward, which involves finding Marienne in the park after Joe left her there and administering a drug to wake her up. Marienne then flees London, presumably in search of her daughter.

Nadia is determined to bring Joe to the police, but she needs strong evidence. To get it, she must return to Joe’s apartment. When Joe wakes up in the hospital, Kate reveals that she inherited her father’s wealth and power. She wants to be with Joe, but he must tell her the truth. This marks the beginning of Joe’s journey towards redemption.

What happened to Joe in You?

While snooping through Joe’s apartment, Nadia is watched by Edward, but he mysteriously disappears when they find the evidence. Joe confronts Nadia, showing her Edward’s lifeless body, and then frames her for the crime. He claims to have a chance at redemption and starts a new life with Kate, giving an interview in New York where the series began, bringing the story full circle. End of You Season 4 surely left the audiences in an awe.

Is season four of you the last season?

Good news for all You fans! Netflix renewed You for the fifth and the final season, shortly after Season 4 part 2 was released. This is surely exciting as the show’s creative team predicted it to run as a five season journey. Indeed, Season 4’s ending has left the fans crave for more and excited for what’s coming next! So, gear up for You series finale!

The closure!

Now that You Season 4 ending explained in detail, gear up to embark on a riveting journey of secrets, lies, hidden agendas and mind games. The treacherous desires and deception for the pursuit of love will surely immerse you in this gripping tale. Happy streaming! Season 4 You explained for you!

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