Trevor Noah Teams Up with Spotify for New Weekly Podcast

Renowned comedian Trevor Noah is set to embark on a new venture with Spotify, as he launches a weekly podcast later this year.

The untitled podcast will feature Noah’s commentary on current events and engaging conversations with influential individuals from across the globe. Spotify announced the news at the Cannes Lions festival, highlighting that the podcast will be a Spotify Original produced under the company’s recently merged Spotify Studios, which includes Gimlet and Parcast. Unlike previous exclusive talent deals, Trevor Noah’s podcast will be available on all major platforms, providing wide accessibility.

Expressing his excitement about the upcoming project, Noah stated, “It’s really exciting to be joining Spotify on a fun new adventure where we’ll engage in interesting and meaningful conversations with some of the world’s most fascinating people.”


Having recently left his position as host of The Daily Show, Noah has been exploring various avenues for his post-show career. Reflecting on his decision to depart the show, he explained, “Maybe this comes with not being raised in America, but I believe that everything should end. A lot of American business and American media is just like, ‘Keep it going as long as possible,’ but I think it’s healthy for things to end when they’re still in a good place.”

Spotify adds Trevor Noah to its podcast talent roster during a period of strategic adjustment and expanded distribution efforts. The company’s Vice President and Head of Global Podcast Studios, Julie McNamara, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are excited to collaborate with Trevor to create an original podcast that seamlessly combines his unique humor, insightful commentary, and consummate interview skills on a global scale.”

With his distinctive voice and global appeal, Trevor Noah’s podcast is expected to captivate Spotify’s extensive listener base of over 100 million users worldwide.

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