“Top Gun: Maverick” sets new massive records

Top Gun: Maverick is setting new records as the best selling week one digital sell through release of all time in the United States, a week after taking flight onto digital platforms. This latest astounding achievement follows the Legacy sequel’s $1.4 billion global box office milestone, which is almost as impressive as Maverick’s own record-breaking thirst for speed.

In addition to this outstanding achievement, Top Gun: Maverick also received praise for being the best-selling product on Amazon in the United States on Day 1 in every category on the website. Tom Cruise’s highest-grossing movie in a distinguished career, Top Gun: Maverick is presently the #6 highest-grossing movies in the American box office and has seized the top spot for 2022.

As of right now, the film has already displaced Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War from last month’s box office records. This high-octane, feel-good sequel is appealing to viewers core desires, and audiences are feeling the need for speed and returning to see it. With a long weekend coming up and summer coming to a conclusion, there is a good chance that Top Gun: Maverick will recapture first place at the box office this weekend, joining a select group of movies that have done both.

The film’s phenomenal popularity can be attributed in part to the mind-blowing action and stunts, as well as the positive and uplifting experience it offers.

The movie Top Gun: Maverick is currently streaming digitally and is still playing in theatres. Are you prepared to relive the film’s splendour? View the trailer in the section below

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