The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live – Release Date + TEASER!

AMC has set the premiere date for the highly anticipated spinoff, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. The plot centers on Rick and Michonne, separated by distance and confronting the challenges of a world at war with the dead and the living.

Originally conceived as a Rick Grimes movie, the project evolved into a series. The new spin-off is poised to be a riveting addition to the acclaimed franchise. The Ones Who Live will explore new dimensions of the post-apocalyptic world and the enduring love between Rick and Michonne.

The announcement, made during the Fear the Walking Dead finale, was accompanied by a teaser trailer offering glimpses of the series in action.

The teaser raises questions about the nature of their relationship and their very existence. Viewers are left to wonder: are they enemies, lovers, victims, or victors? Without each other, are they even alive or will they find that they, too, are the Walking Dead?

The Ones Who Live
The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live presents an epic love story of two characters changed by a changed world

The official synopsis reads:

“Kept apart by distance. By an unstoppable power. By the ghosts of who they were.”

Fans are eagerly anticipating the return of these beloved characters and the unfolding of their complex narrative in a world unlike any they’ve known before. Save the date for February 25, 2024, to witness the next chapter in The Walking Dead universe.

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