The Mandalorian: The return of Grogu

The tiny green chaos moppet is back before you even get a chance to miss him, which may have puzzled you if you viewed The Mandalorian season 3 (Starwars) teaser but missed The Book of Boba Fett.

The powers that be (executive producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni) brought Mando and Grogu back together during a mini-arc in Boba Fett’s final three episodes. They may have done this because they realized that Mando’s story wouldn’t have the same punch without his cub to protect him (or because they didn’t want to give up the merchandising jackpot Grogu represents).
Season 3 is now at hand.

Mando will embark on his latest mission once Grogu is once again in his father’s armored arms. Grogu’s memory of that upsetting incident has been unlocked with some assistance from Luke, and a few teaser images from the ‘The Mandaloriantrailers suggest that we’ll relive those recollections once more in the upcoming season.

Will we eventually learn who saved him? Will it be a Jedi that we already know or one who we weren’t even aware had survived the massacre?

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