The Mandalorian Cameo in The Simpsons Was Cut from a Star Wars-Themed Short

Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox brought two iconic properties under one roof: Star Wars and The Simpsons. Naturally, Disney+ capitalized on this by merging these beloved franchises in animated shorts exclusive to the streaming service. One such short, “The Force Awakens from Its Nap,” features the Simpsons characters in a Star Wars universe.

The three-minute short centers on Maggie Simpson at Jabba’s Hut Jedi Preschool, filled with numerous Star Wars references. Maggie’s pacifier is taken by a droid resembling General Grievous, and she gets help from BB-8 to retrieve it. Characters like Ahsoka Tano and Lando Calrissian make appearances, adding to the fun mix of the two universes.

However, a planned cameo by Din Djarin, the titular character from The Mandalorian, was cut. The Simpsons executive producer Al Jean told CNN that the Mandalorian was initially included in a scene where parents pick up their kids.

“There was a scene where we had the parents picking up the kids, and the Mandalorian was one of them. What happened was once we hit on it as a story between Maggie and BB-8, we just eliminated everything that wasn’t pertinent to that story,” Jean explained. The final version focuses solely on Maggie and BB-8’s adventure, with no scenes showing parents at the end of the day.

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Despite this cut, The Mandalorian still gets a nod. When Marge drops off Maggie at Jabba’s Hut Jedi Preschool, two jetpacks hang on the wall—one belonging to Mando and the other to Jango Fett. Additionally, a kid in full Mandalorian armor waits for a Jedi to make him a sandwich with a lightsaber, adding another layer of Star Wars charm.

Interestingly, Grogu, also known as Baby Yoda, did not appear in this short. Disney was cautious about overexposing the character, with Jean noting in 2021, “Grogu is the most popular character created anywhere in fiction in the last year, and you don’t want to overexpose him.”

Instead, they included a subtle tribute where Maggie, after a battle with a Darth Maul-like toddler, rises from debris with pointy yellow ears resembling Grogu’s.

Given Grogu’s massive popularity and extensive merchandising, it’s surprising to think Disney once held back on his exposure. However, Lucasfilm later changed its stance. A second Star Wars short, “Rogue Not Quite One,” released in 2023, features the Mandalorian prominently and includes a tiny cameo from Grogu, although his face isn’t shown.

Both Star Wars and The Simpsons shorts are available to stream on Disney+, offering fans delightful crossovers between these two iconic franchises.

M. Osama Asghar

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