“The Little Mermaid” makes Disney history as most viewed trailer with thousands of dislikes

Halle Bailey, a singer who was known through her Beyoncé cover videos on YouTube, plays Ariel in ‘The Little Mermaid’ live-action trailer, which was unveiled on Friday at the D23 Expo.

While many people are anticipating this fresh take on the beloved animated series, many others are baffled as to why Ariel has suddenly turned black.

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The song “Part of Your World” plays while Ariel swims through the sea in the trailer. There isn’t much more information about the movie given in the teaser, which is only around 90 seconds long, but there are some theories as to why Ariel’s skin tone is altered in this rendition and what people might think if a traditionally black protagonist were cast as a white person.

People have been debating whether or not people are racist because they would rather that Ariel be white like she was in the first movie because this trailer has nearly 1 million dislikes.

Here is how the twitter community has responded to the dislikes and the trailer of ‘The Little Mermaid’

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