The Last of us finale ends with 8.2 million viewers

The final episode of The Last of Us, which aired on Sunday, drew an average audience of 8.2 million viewers across all platforms on HBO. This was a slight increase from the previous week’s viewership of 8.1 million and also marked the highest viewership for any episode in the nine-episode season.

The show’s audience grew steadily throughout the season, and HBO reports that it has now garnered an average viewership of 30.4 million since it premiered on Jan. 15. This latest figure surpasses that of House of the Dragon, which had an average cross-platform viewership of 29 million during its airing in the late summer and fall of 2022.

the last of us

The number of viewers who watched the Sunday finale of The Last of Us increased by 74.5% compared to the series premiere in January, with 8.2 million viewers tuning in.

The cumulative viewership of The Last of Us of 30.4 million viewers is the largest for any HBO series since the final season of Game of Thrones, which had an average viewership of over 44 million during its run in 2019.

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