‘The First Slam Dunk’ stays on the top of the charts

The First Slam Dunk, a new anime movie tops the list in the fourth week too.

Takehiko Inoue is the director and writer of the 2022 Japanese computer-animated sports movie The First Slam Dunk, which is a joint effort between Toei Animation and Dandelion Animation Studio. It is based on Takehiko Inoue’s Slam Dunk manga series.

Over the course of the weekend, the movie sold 302,000 tickets, bringing in 461,741,060 yen, or roughly $3.47 million USD. 3,407,275 tickets have been sold for the movie, totaling 5,067,029,010 yen, or nearly $38.0 million. In its first weekend, the movie came in at number one. Over the course of its first weekend, the movie sold 847,000 tickets and brought in 1,295,808,780 yen (about $9.50 million).

The star cast of the movie includes Shinichiro Kamio, Subaru Kimura, Kenta Miyake, Shugo Nakamura, Jun Kasama, and others.

In 40 theatres around Japan, the film screened in IMAX, while 34 theatres show it in Dolby Atmos. On December 10, the movie added Dolby Cinema screenings.

Slam Dunk

The series released theatrically in December 2022.

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