Tara Strong is adamant that Chris Pratt should not star in Super Mario Bros

Chris Pratt's Mario voice: "It Should Be Charles," says Tara Strong

Chris Pratt should not play Mario in Super Mario Bros, according to Tara Strong. The vocal prodigy, who has been heard as about 150 distinct characters in movies and television, tweeted her opinions.

She uploaded a photo of herself with veteran Mario voice actor Charles Martinet with the phrase “It should be Charles.” Strong’s subsequent post states, “Voice actors: I’m going to put my heart and soul into this for at least 20 years, help sell billions of dollars’ worth of merchandise, earn the studios millions of dollars, and bring joy to countless generations of people. Hollywood: We don’t give a damn.”

Martinet’s supporters were encouraged by her final message, which urged them to share positive testimonials and images of their interactions with the singer.

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As soon as Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment revealed the cast for the Super Mario Bros. movie, there was immediate backlash from fans who didn’t want Chris Pratt to play the title plumber. Many people expressed annoyance that Martinet, who has voiced Nintendo’s mascot since 1992, would only appear in the film in a cameo capacity.

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When Super Mario Bros. released its first teaser trailer after Pratt had spent months promising that his version of the character would be “unlike anything” fans had heard, the uproar grew worse.

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