Sundance Winners Brett Story and Yance Ford Delve into Power Dynamics and Capitalism at CPH:DOX

At Copenhagen’s “Film:makers in Dialogue” session, Sundance laureates Yance Ford and Brett Story engaged in a compelling discourse on power dynamics, capitalism, and race. Ford’s Netflix documentary, “Power,” examines the historical evolution and societal impact of U.S. policing, spurred by the George Floyd protests.

Variety reports that through archival footage and interviews, Ford challenges the heroic narrative surrounding law enforcement, shedding light on its origins in property protection and racial bias.

In discussing the financing of “Power,” Ford lauds Netflix’s support and emphasizes the importance of community engagement through the platform. Meanwhile, Story’s documentary “Union,” co-directed with Stephen Maing, focuses on labor organizing among Amazon workers in Staten Island.


Their film, recognized for its intimate portrayal of workers’ struggles, underscores the complexities of collective action and critiques capitalism’s exploitative nature.

Story highlights the significance of philanthropic support for non-fiction filmmaking, expressing hope for wider distribution to foster dialogue and societal engagement.

As both documentaries resonate with contemporary socio-political issues, their recognition at CPH:DOX underscores the festival’s commitment to thought-provoking cinema that confronts systemic injustices and inspires social change.

Joanne Wells

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