‘Succession’ Influence: Ice Skater Ilia Malinin Triumphs with a Twist

Ilia Malinin, a rising star in American figure skating, stunned audiences at the World Figure Skating Championships with a routine inspired by HBO Max’s hit TV series, ‘Succession.’

Channeling the show’s drama into his performance, Malinin showcased a series of breathtaking twists, including six quadruple jumps, including the elusive quadruple axel – a feat that sets him apart in the skating world.

Set to the iconic theme of ‘Succession,’ Malinin’s routine was a symphony of athleticism and artistic expression. With each jump, he captured the essence of the show’s narrative, weaving a tale of ambition and power on the ice.

Despite not having watched ‘Succession‘ himself, Malinin’s performance resonated deeply with audiences, earning him accolades for his technical prowess and creative interpretation.

Ilia Malinin succession

His decision to skate to the ‘Succession‘ theme was a strategic one, chosen for its unique sound and untapped potential in the world of figure skating. Collaborating with choreographer Shae-Lynn Bourne, Malinin brought the music to life on the ice, infusing it with his own style and flair.

For Malinin, skating to iconic television themes is nothing new. In the past, he has drawn inspiration from shows like ‘Euphoria,’ crafting performances that push the boundaries of the sport and captivate audiences worldwide.

Guided by his parents, both former Olympic skaters, and renowned coach Rafael Arutyunyan, Malinin continues to push the boundaries of figure skating, setting his sights on new challenges and innovations.

As he sets his sights on mastering the quintuple jump, Malinin remains committed to pushing the boundaries of his sport, solidifying his status as an innovator and game-changer in the world of figure skating.

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