Streaming Wars At Its Peak; Peacock VS Max

HBO Max’s rebrand to just “Max” has sparked mockery online as it struggles to clarify its association with HBO content. However, rival streaming platform Peacock has seized the opportunity to gain street cred by humorously addressing the controversy in a single tweet.

Peacock Takes a Dig at HBO Max’s Controversial Rebrand

Peacock just hilariously roasted the new HBO Max rebrand. We’re not quite halfway through the year, but HBO Max has already given us a candidate for the most contentious rebrand of 2023.

Now just called Max, the streaming platform continues to be mocked online for having to use its new strapline to clarify that it is actually still the home of HBO content.

Peacock assures users that it won’t be following a similar strategy and has gained praise for its clever response. Critics argue that a rebrand loses its effectiveness when it requires explanation, and many find it puzzling that Max has adopted generic brand colors.

Despite the transition period, HBO aims for the Max branding to stand on its own, but some view the decision as strange as HBO carries significant recognition.

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