Starz CEO Unveils New Strategy Amid Rising Production Costs

Starz CEO Jeff Hirsh reveals insights into the network’s strategy amidst the evolving landscape of streaming services, emphasizing the need for cost-effective content development to counter escalating production expenses.

Deadline reports that at a Deutsche Bank media conference, Hirsh highlights the challenge posed by rising costs as series progress into later seasons. He emphasizes the importance of developing replacement shows with sustainable economics, enabling the network to manage expenses effectively.

Hirsh underscores Starz’s focus on specific demographics, particularly underserved audiences and women. He discusses the network’s ability to manufacture hits tailored to these demographics, citing examples like BMF, a cost-effective alternative to successful series like Power.

Starz CEO

Drawing parallels to salary cap management in the NFL, Hirsh likens content portfolio management to assembling a team, strategically balancing seasoned shows with new, cost-efficient productions. This approach allows Starz to refresh its content lineup while optimizing financial performance.

The Power universe serves as a prime example of Starz’s successful strategy, with three spinoffs expanding its narrative universe. A recent deal with producer Gary Lennon signals the network’s commitment to further expanding this franchise, showcasing its enduring appeal and potential for growth.

As Starz prepares to transition into a standalone public company, Hirsh’s strategic insights offer a glimpse into the network’s approach to sustaining its success in a competitive streaming landscape.

Through calculated content development and targeted audience engagement, Starz aims to navigate the challenges of evolving production dynamics while capitalizing on emerging opportunities for growth and innovation.

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