Shelley Duvall returns with horror ‘The Forest Hills’

The Forest Hills, a horror-thriller from writer-director Scott Goldberg, is set to bring Shelley Duvall back to the big screen for the first time in 20 years.

The Forest Hills, which also stars Edward Furlong, Chiko Mendez, and Dee Wallace, centres on a disturbed man who experiences nightmares after suffering a brain injury while camping in the Catskill Mountains. Rico (Mendez), who is emotionally and mentally unstable, will have Duvall as his mother, who acts as his inner voice.

“We are huge fans of The Shining and it’s honestly one of my favorite horror movies of all time, up there with John Carpenter’s Halloween and George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead with the dark tones they delivered in their movies, along with perfect scores and elements that make them my personal favorites,” said Goldberg. “Shelley contributed to The Shining being an absolute masterpiece by giving her all, and performing in a way that really showcased the fear and horror of a mother in isolation.”

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DuVall is an actress, writer and producer known for her collaborations with everyone from Robert Altman and Woody Allen to Stanley Kubrick, Terry Gilliam and Steven Soderbergh. The screen icon is best known for her work on the film side on classic titles including Brewster McCloudMcCabe & Mrs. MillerThieves Like UsNashville, Annie HallThree WomenThe ShiningPopeyeTime Bandits, Roxanne and The Portrait of a Lady

It’s unclear whether Duvall is working with any representatives at this time.

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