She-Hulk Surpasses Andor Series Premiere in Ratings

According to a recent report, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law attracted more viewers than the Star Wars Andor premiere.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is ranked as the top streaming series in America according to “Whip Watch Report” for the week of September 19 to September 25. Whereas, Andor is ranked second. She-Hulk performed better than Andor in these countries even if it did not win the competition in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Brazil, or Germany. However, given that Andor has released half as many episodes for viewers to watch as She-Hulk, Lucasfilm officials probably won’t be very concerned about Andor losing out to She-Hulk.

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The positive reviews for Andor will undoubtedly inspire the studio. Critics hailed Diego Luna’s portrayal of protagonist Cassian Andor in the first three episodes of the program for giving the Star Wars series a mature, grounded perspective. Among Andor’s key selling factors were slow burn storytelling and a readiness to depart from the saga’s established structure. The best Star Wars streaming series to date, according to one reviewer, may be Andor.

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Andor still has eight more episodes left to air in Season 1, however, showrunner Tony Gilroy is already looking ahead to Season 2. Gilroy recently revealed that Andor‘s second season is fully mapped out, even though it isn’t likely to air for at least another year.

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Meanwhile, Creator of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Jessica Gao has also made it clear she has ideas for a second season of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series. “Honestly, even when I pitched the show, I already had an idea of where I would want it to go for another season and what the premise of that season would be,” she said. “From the beginning, I had ideas of where it would go. But coming from TV, you can’t ever go into a first season show thinking you’re gonna get another season. You have to plan for the fact that this might be one and done, so you have to create a season that feels like it’s telling a complete story, and yet leaves the door open.”

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