Seth Meyers Roasts Donald Trump & Defends De Niro!

Seth Meyers, the host of Late Night with Seth Meyers, took center stage to deliver the punchlines after Former President Donald Trump found himself in a linguistic showdown with none other than Hollywood heavyweight Robert De Niro. Trump, never one to shy away from a feud, fired shots at the legendary actor after De Niro criticized him at the Gotham Awards.

Seth started with mocking Trump’s claim that De Niro “can’t put two sentences together,”
Meyers quipped, “That’s right, Trump attacked Robert De Niro for criticizing him, but he’s just jealous because De Niro’s ‘Casino’ was successful.”

In a genius play on words, Meyers subtly reminded everyone of Trump’s multiple bankruptcies, slyly noting that De Niro’s cinematic venture was a hit, unlike some other ventures we know.

As Trump faces not two, but four criminal cases, Meyers couldn’t resist adding a touch of comedic flair to the ongoing feud. Meyers, known for his sharp wit, hilariously pointed out Trump’s irony in criticizing De Niro’s verbal prowess while facing four separate legal battles.

Meyers effortlessly weaved humor into the political joust. As the verbal sparring continues, it seems Meyers is more than willing to join the ranks, armed with punchlines that resonate far beyond the late-night stage.

For a front-row seat to the verbal sparring match, check out Seth Meyers’ breakdown of the Trump-De Niro feud:

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