Samuel L Jackson opens up about Avengers in ‘Secret Invasion’

Samuel L Jackson is likely to fight alone without the help of avengers in ‘Secret Invasion’

Marvel Aired the latest trailer of Secret Invasion on 2nd April 23. In it, ex-SHEILD director Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson finds him fighting against evil Skrulls who use the ability to shape-shift to invade Earth’s major institutions.

Samuel L Jackson is confirmed to reprise his role in the upcoming Disney+ show, Fury’s role would be so impactful that the fans will be thrilled to see him survive, especially without relying on the team of Earth’s most powerful super heroes. In a recent interview with CBR, Jackson speaks about the plot that his decision of not calling Avengers for the help will cause dispute between him and his allies.

“[T]hat’s part of the whole dilemma,” Jackson said. “I mean, people want [the Avengers] and he’s not bringing them.”

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