Ryan Condal says female lead writer was necessary for “House of the Dragon”

Without his writing partner Sarah Hess, House of the Dragon showrunner Ryan Condal claims he would not have been successful with the HBO prequel to Game of Thrones. He claims that having a woman behind the camera was essential to its creation and success.

Speaking with TheWrap, Condal confirmed that Hess was “the very first person that I recruited in the building of the writing staff because I knew I was making a show about two women.” Condal, who served as the executive producer on the first season of House of the Dragon with Game of Thrones veteran producer and director Miguel Sapochnick, explained that he wanted the cast and crew to be fully represented, in front of and behind the camera.

“I have a wife, I have two daughters, I think I have forged through the female experience quite a bit as a man, but I am still a man,” he said, shedding further light on why he believed having a lead female writer was so crucial. “And I think it’s important to see that perspective from the inside of somebody who’s a woman, was a mother and had all these experiences that I could not. That I have seen from the outside, but not experienced internally.”

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House of the Dragon has had tremendous success since its August 2022 debut and has racked up incredible ratings, with its first episode drawing the biggest HBO audience ever. The fantasy series has already received a second season renewal from HBO, but information about the upcoming plot developments is still scant.

On HBO and HBO Max, brand-new episodes of House of the Dragon are broadcast every Sunday.

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