Reddington unexpectedly spotted in ‘The Blacklist’

An unexpected disguised Reddington (James Spader) is spotted by Aram (Amir Arison) in New York in the exclusive scene from the forthcoming season 10 opener of ‘The Blacklist

Red doesn’t appear to notice when Aram yells at him loudly to gain his attention until he secretly boards a cab and gives him one more glaring gesture.

Aram calls Cooper (Harry Lennix), who seems shocked to hear that he shouldn’t be in the city. “When Reddington left, everything were quite decent. We had decided to communicate more openly with one another “Before asking what Reddington could be up to, he informs Aram. A significant explosion marks the scene’s conclusion, which is undoubtedly not random.

NBC announced that the forthcoming 10th season of the beloved thriller series would be its last. Episode of The Blacklist will broadcast on Sunday, March 19, a couple weeks after the season 10 debut on February 26.

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