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Raymond Cruz says filming for PopCorners was similar to ‘Groundhog Day’

In a new PopCorners Super Bowl ad, the world of Breaking Bad returns with a more wholesome spin.

The commercial reimagines one of the show’s most memorable sequences, in which Walter White and Jesse Pinkman meet with drug kingpin Tuco Salamanca to begin selling their product, only this time it’s legal.

Raymond Cruz discusses the Breaking Bad PopCorners ad in an interview with Screen Rant and the surreal feeling of playing Tuco again. He explained that original Breaking Bad crew members also worked on the ad.

“It really felt as if you had never left the set, it was almost like Groundhog Day, it was very surreal. You’re standing across from the same people that you shared the screen with a while back and we’re looking the same, we’re talking the same, and instead of breaking bad, we’re breaking into something good, this wholesome snack, so it was fantastic, it’s an amazing treat.”

He also discussed whether there is more room to explore Tuco’s story after Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

“It would be great for the Salamancas to all come together and break on a show, that would be amazing. They have so many options; they have such amazing storylines and amazing characters, and that’s what the fans are drawn to.”

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