Pop star Lizzo on her journey to stardom in ‘Love, Lizzo’

Love, Lizzo gives an intimate look at the pop star’s journey to stardom.

The documentary showcases the rise of Lizzo and how moments in her life have helped in shaping her career. 

The star goes candid about body positivity, self love and acknowledges the contributions of the Black women. The film consists of footage of her epic moments from her childhood and her career struggles.

Lizzo, has recently won the Emmy award and she says, “I won the Emmy and went straight on tour, so I never got to put it on my shelf. Then this morning I did the ‘Today’ show, and they mentioned my Emmy, so I brought it over for their cameras, so that’s funny that she’s just right there.”

Revealing about the documentary, Lizzo says in a press conference, “I’m so excited I get to share and relive my journey with my fans and HBO Max. From Cuz I Love You to my dramatic world tour, losing and gaining love, and creating my new album Special, y’all get to see the amount of time, patience, blood, sweat and tears that went into this process. It takes 10 years to become an ‘overnight success,’ and hopefully I can inspire other young creatives to keep going.”

Love, Lizzo premieres on Thanksgiving day, November 24.

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