Pittsburgh Penguins practice Coach Mike Sullivan stops the drill: ‘We were lethargic’

The Pittsburgh Penguins’ practice got off to a lighthearted start with some friendly competitive spirit. But after 15 minutes of drills, coach Mike Sullivan called a stop to the workout to discipline his team for “going through the motions.”

Sullivan says he needs everyone to pace up and be faster rather than acting tired. However, he insisted that as a coach, he wants to use positive words to motivate his team but some harsh words can do wonders too. He says, “I just thought we were lethargic, so sometimes, as coaches, we’re trying to just affect a little bit of positive change right away.”

Penguins Practice

Losing five games in a row, coach Sullivan is not ready to give them any loose ends this time and thus kept on screaming the same order throughout the drill. Players too got the hint of their coach losing it and now is the time to play their best games. The Penguins even practiced corner offense and getting to the net after the speed drills.

Upon asking if he will have enough forwards to ice a fourth line, Sullivan says, “I don’t yet have an answer.”

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