‘One Ranger’ stars Thomas Jane and John Malkovich

One Ranger, a forthcoming action-thriller starring John Malkovich and Thomas Jane, has reportedly been acquired by Lionsgate. The studio is handling sales at the upcoming American Film Market.

In movie a highly trained Texas Ranger named Jane is hired by British Intelligence to find a very dangerous terrorist and prevent him from carrying out a significant attack on London. Dean S. Jagger and Dominique Tipper are also featured in Jesse V. Johnson’s written and directed film.


Produced by Corey Large and Bernie Gewissler. Executive Producers are Thomas Jane and Courtney Lauren Penn via Renegade Entertainment.

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Lauren Bixby, VP, Co-productions and Acquisitions for Lionsgate, said: “One Ranger is non-stop action and it’s so much fun watching Thomas Jane being dropped into the center of London as a Texas Ranger, having to face the likes of John Malkovich and his MI6 team.”


The movie claims to be Johnson and Large’s second film together for his firm 308 Entertainment.

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