Netflix UK Unveils Exciting Unscripted Slate: Bear Grylls and Holly Willoughby Join Forces

Netflix UK is gearing up to thrill viewers with a dynamic lineup of unscripted originals, headlined by the adrenaline-fueled reality competition series Bear Hunt, featuring the dynamic duo Bear Grylls and Holly Willoughby.

Bear Hunt (working title), announced at the Next on Netflix showcase in London, promises to push British celebrities to their limits as they navigate the challenges of the Central American jungle under Grylls’ expert guidance. With Grylls at the helm and Willoughby adding her charm, viewers can expect an exhilarating adventure as celebrities vie to prove their mettle in the wild.

The series introduces a captivating premise: “Bear believes there’s an action hero inside us all – even the celebs – but how strong is their will to survive? As Bear puts them through their paces, those who fail to impress will face the dreaded ‘Bear Hunt’ – a brutal game of cat and mouse where they’ll be hunted down by Bear himself and, if captured, eliminated from the show.”

Netflix UK

Scheduled for release next year, Bear Hunt is a collaboration between Grylls’ The Natural Studios, Workerbee, and Fremantle’s Talkback, promising high-stakes drama and heart-pounding challenges.

In addition to Bear Hunt, Netflix UK’s unscripted slate includes Millennium Diamond Heist, a gripping true crime docuseries executive produced by acclaimed filmmaker Guy Ritchie. Set to delve into the audacious raid on London’s Millennium Dome, the series promises to unravel the complexities of the £200M diamond heist, offering audiences a riveting exploration of one of the most daring crimes in recent history.

With an array of captivating shows on the horizon, including Buying London and The Final: Attack on Wembley, Netflix UK continues to captivate audiences with its diverse and engaging content offerings, promising an exciting lineup for the years to come.

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