Netflix Threatens Show Purge in UK Amidst Stricter Streamer Regulations

In response to upcoming streamer regulations set by the British government, Netflix has issued a warning that it may remove films and TV shows from its UK library. The proposed regulations would subject streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to fines of up to £250,000 ($310,000) for carrying harmful content, monitored by media regulator Ofcom.

Netflix submitted its concerns to the UK Parliament’s Culture, Media, and Sport Committee, criticizing the “nebulous” and potentially burdensome nature of the draft legislation, particularly the introduction of “due impartiality” rules.

The company expressed the need for clarity, stating that compliance with these rules would require continuous review of its extensive content catalog, possibly resulting in regular content purges.

Netflix emphasized that without greater clarity on the provisions, it would be more feasible to preemptively remove content from its UK catalog than to face compliance challenges and potential liability.

Disney also echoed Netflix’s concerns in a separate document, arguing that regulation for streaming services should differ from that of traditional broadcasters, given the active decision-making process of viewers and the audience protection measures already in place.

With approximately 17 million subscribers, Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the UK. Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ follow as the second and third most sought-after streamers, respectively.

As discussions continue, other industry players such as Warner Bros. Discovery and Fremantle have also expressed concerns about Channel 4’s potential ability to create its own shows.

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