Netflix Faces Backlash For Password Sharing Crackdown

Netflix is facing backlash from users after implementing a ban on password sharing in 103 countries, including the US and UK.

Previously, individuals could watch Netflix under someone else’s account, but now they are required to create and pay for their own logins. Alternatively, users can opt for the “paid sharing” option at a cost of $8/month in the US to continue sharing with people in a different household.

According to Daily Mail, the streaming giant claims the crackdown is necessary to invest in new content. However, angry users have taken to social media to express their discontent, with some even deleting their accounts.

One user expressed frustration, stating that Netflix is “trying to treat us like we’re children,” while another tweeted “The divorce is final” along with the hashtag #CancelNetflix.

The ban was previously tested in Peru, Chile, and Costa Rica last year before being expanded to other countries, including France, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, and Brazil. According to research, approximately a quarter of Netflix’s 15 million UK subscribers share their passwords.

Users on Twitter called for boycotting Netflix and complained about the additional expense, with one suggesting deleting accounts to resist the new policy. Some users criticized the platform itself, stating that there are plenty of other streaming services available. Concerns about the cost of living crisis were also raised, with one UK-based user highlighting that subscriptions will be one of the first things to go. The sentiment was echoed by others who expressed their intention to delete Netflix permanently.

In a twist of irony, users shared Netflix’s old tweet from 2017 that said “Love is sharing a password” and called for deleting the platform. The streaming giant now faces potential consequences from disgruntled users who may abandon the service.

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