Netflix Enters Sports TV Business Without Having Actual Rights

Netflix is expanding its sports-related content offerings with a new docuseries about Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys, which is rumored to have sold for nearly $50 million. The deal, though not yet finalized, reportedly saw Netflix emerge as the winner in a bidding war that involved ESPN, Amazon, and other interested parties.

The docuseries, consisting of 10 episodes, will delve into the Cowboys’ rise as “America’s Team” in the 1990s, featuring never-before-seen footage and interviews with iconic players like Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, and Emmitt Smith.

The hefty price tag for a show focused on an owner rather than a star player may come as a surprise, especially considering the NFL’s limited global popularity. However, it highlights the growing demand for premium sports documentaries. The comparison to “The Last Dance,” a popular series that nostalgically revisited the 1990s Chicago Bulls, adds further anticipation to the Jerry Jones project.

This move further demonstrates Netflix’s foray into sports-adjacent content. While the streaming giant has steered clear of live sports, it has been actively producing shows like “F1 Drive to Survive,” “Full Swing” featuring professional golfers, and “Break Point” with pro tennis players.

Netflix Formula 1

Additionally, next week, Netflix is set to release “Quarterback,” another collaboration with NFL Films. These strategic moves allow Netflix to tap into the sports market while avoiding the complexities of live sports broadcasting.

The deal also highlights the growing competition in the streaming industry, with media companies like Netflix and ESPN vying for exclusive content rights. As the demand for sports-related programming continues to rise, the market for premium sports documentaries is expected to become even more lucrative. Netflix’s latest acquisition further strengthens its position as a leading provider of engaging and high-quality sports content, catering to the interests of its diverse subscriber base.

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