Natasha Kermani Reveals What Inspired Her V/H/S/85 Segment

Exploring the contemporary anxieties surrounding technology, writer and director Natasha Kermani brings the cyberpunk horror genre to life in her latest work, TKNOGD, featured in Shudder’s latest anthology film V/H/S/85. This thrilling segment takes viewers on a journey back to the gritty landscape of 1985.

Kermani found inspiration in the cyberpunk sub-genre, drawing from classics like Johnny Mnemonic and Lawnmower Man. Her aim was to capture this genre’s peculiar and captivating essence, where the theme of hacking and the boundaries of reality take center stage.

“I just love that stuff,” Kermani enthused. “The pinnacle was, ‘Can we do Lawnmower Man?’ I really love the cyberpunk thing. Like, ‘hack the world, man.’ That was totally my vibe for a long time.”

Delving into the creative process, Kermani and co-writer Zoe Cooper stumbled upon a treasure trove of inspiration: “I think one of the big things that happened was we found a tape from, there’s an artist and a thinker named Jaron Lanier, and he was one of the first people really exploring virtual reality conceptually, also technologically, he would develop a lot of the technology that was doing it. He’s a philosopher, so he would have these long, rambling videos of himself talking about this stuff.”

She added, “So writer Zoe Cooper and I found this video and were like, ‘This is perfect.’ There’s a video within the video, no spoilers, but that video is pretty authentic, pretty much exactly pulled from these videos as they exist. So, even referring to them as iPhones, that is literally the terminology they used in 1985.”

V/H/S/85 premiered on Shudder on October 6.

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