More than 50 French female artists cut ‘Hair’ showing solidarity for Mahsa Amini

In a video campaign supporting the ongoing protests in Iran demanding more freedom for women in response to the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, more than 50 French female artists from the film and music industries have symbolically shaved their hair for condition in Iran.

Among others who posted pictures of themselves shaving off their hair were French actresses Isabelle Adjani, Berenice Bejo, Juliette Binoche, Laure Calamy, Marion Cotillard, Julie Gayet, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Isabelle Huppert, and Alexandra Lamy.

On September 16, Mahsa Amini passed away while being held by the police for failing to properly wear her hijab in compliance with the severe religious regulations of the nation and allowing some hair to protrude from it. Police claim she had a heart attack, but witnesses and those who were in custody with the young woman claim otherwise.

In recent days, women from all over the world have been cutting a strand of hair and broadcasting the deed on social media as a show of support for Iranian women.

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Early on Wednesday morning, the video was published on Instagram with the caption #HairForFreedom. Beginning the video with her hair held high, Binoche shears off a sizable portion while yelling in English, “For Freedom.” The background music is a Persian rendition of the Italian anti-fascist resistance song “Bella Ciao” by female Iranian musician Gandom, which became popular last week.

“Since Mahsa Amini passing on September 16, the Iranian people have been protesting at the cost of their lives, with women at the forefront. These people merely wish to have access to the most fundamental liberties. The film was accompanied by a statement that stated, “These men and women need our support.

“Their courage and dignity oblige us [to act]. It is impossible not to denounce again and again this terrible repression. There have been dozens of deaths, including children. The arrests are swelling the number of prisoners already illegally held and too often tortured. We decided to answer the call that was thrown at us by cutting some of these locks.”

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